Silicone tail butt plugs

If you want to show your wild side but loves a little subtlety of silicone butt plugs then you will love our Silicone Tail Butt Plug Collection!

Featuring our finest tail plugs in varying colors and designs, each piece has a medical-grade silicone plug that you have come to love. These are also perfect for beginners because of its soft and stretchable features. Depending on your mood, you can choose from our tapered plugs to our beaded plugs that you feel would suit you. Not only that, our Silicone Tail Butt Plugs are of different sizes that would surely excite you.

You are special to us, so we want to make sure you have plenty of options. That is why we have different types of tails that have silicone plugs so you can showcase what has been hiding inside you. What are you today? Are you a fox or a wolf? How about Friday? Do you want to wag a majestic horse tail or jump like a bunny? is a safe place to become whatever you want, and we would love to satisfy your desires and fantasies. So, go ahead and browse through our collections and make sure to click that add to cart button now!