Cat tail butt plugs

Have you always been a cat lover?  Do you want to spice up your sex play with your partner?  Then it is time to get yourself a cat tail butt plug! Our cat tail butt plugs are made of different kinds of materials such as stainless steel or silicone.  These cat tails come in a variety of types. Choose one that suits your personality! They can range in different lengths from three inches to thirty-three inches.   These amazing cat tail butt plugs are made of the highest quality of materials so there is no need to worry that harmful chemicals might leech into your body when you use them.

Wondering how to clean your cat tail butt plugs?  No need to worry as they are so easy to clean. You just need to wash and clean the butt plug with anti-bacterial soap and rinse them in warm clean water.  Then it is time to pat-dry the sex toy with a soft cloth or let it dry with a hair dryer on its lowest setting. These are easy-breezy ways to clean and maintain the quality of your cat tail butt plugs as if it’s the first day that you bought it.  They are ready to be shipped in discreet and nameless packaging.