Cat tail butt plugs

Cats are naturally dominant creatures. Cat owners know this because of how their pets try to take over their space like their bed, couch, and even their workspace.

When it comes to grabbing their owner's attention, these furry felines know how to do that. Sometimes, we wished we were just cats, especially when we were trying to make our lover noticed us. Well now, you getting our cat tail butt plugs!

Here at Foxyplugs, we want to make our buyers feel special whenever they put our products on their voluptuous butts. That's why we provide you with a plethora of cattail plugs to choose from. That way, you can get a cattail toy that fits not only your backdoor but also your level of expertise.
Our cattail anal plugs are made from either of the following materials: silicone and stainless steel, both of which are known for their exceptional durability. Hence, we guarantee you that our cattail anal toys are built to last.

Additionally, our cat tail butt plugs are available in an array of shapes, designs, and colors. We have the usual cattail plugs, which are perfect for novice anal players. These toys are short and have a smooth, teardrop-shaped design; thus, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer.

We also have cattail toys with ripples. The ribbed design of these anal plugs gives different levels of anal pleasure as they slide through your sphincter.
Then, we have our uniquely shaped cattail anal toys. These badass cattail plugs may look intimidating because of their sizes and shapes. But once you shove them up your or your partner's ass, you or your lover will have indescribable bliss as they rub your walls during sex.

Not only that; our cat tail butt plugs can be bendable or provide a sense of fullness inside your or your sweetheart's bum. Cattail anal plugs with flexibility features allow you to do different stances with ease while having sex.

Those that incorporate weight into your sex play - on the other hand - level up your erotic games. The added fullness helps you release your milky cum easier, which you have never reached for so long.
Our cattail toys are ideal for both genders. They can also be worn as part of your fetish costume when attending a kinky event. Strut your way to the entrance while wearing one of our cat tail butt plugs, and we guarantee you; all eyes will be on you.

But the best way to use our products is by surprising your partner after a long day at work. Get down on all fours or sit like a cat as you wait for your lover to enter your room and find you wearing nothing but our cattail plug and a pair of cat ears. We are 100 percent sure that your partner (or should we say pet owner?) would love to pet you or fuck your behind upon seeing your look.

So go ahead and browse our website and get our cat tail butt plugs! We will deliver the package discreetly so that nobody would know what's inside the box.

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