How to Use a Tail Butt Plug

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Using a tail butt plug can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. Though it seems like a simple and easy process, you may need to take a little more effort when it comes to using your plugs. At least for the first few times you may find it more difficult to get the plug in, and less comfortable to keep it in for longer periods of time. This shouldn’t last too long though, and if you follow our simple tips you should always be having a good time even if it’s a little difficult to get the plug in.

Lubrication and Tail Butt Plugs

The single most important part of using any butt plug is lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication of its own. This means that putting anything inside your butt is going to be difficult and probably painful unless you use lubrication.

There are several different kinds of lubricant you can use with butt plugs: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. Which kind of lubricant you use can be dictated by a number of different factors such as the material of the plug, how long you intend to wear it, or how experienced you are with butt plugs.

Water-based lubricant is typically the most common. These are often viewed as an entry level lubricant as there is not much to consider and they are very easy to clean up after you are finished. Water-based lubes tend to dry out very quickly compared to others, so they aren’t great for extended sessions with a butt plug. They are also suitable for any kind of butt plug, so they are the ideal lubes for a beginner.

Oil-based lubricants are what many people graduate to as they become more experienced with butt plugs. They are thicker and last much longer than water lubes, but this does make them more difficult to clean up after you’re done. Oil-based lubes are also suitable for all kinds of butt plugs, although they do react negatively with condoms so if you’re planning to use one you should use a different kind of lube.

Silicone-based lubricants are almost a luxury kind of lube. They tend to feel much smoother and silkier rather than the stickiness you’ll feel with other kinds. They also last an incredibly long time, so you’ll need to use a lot less even on long sessions. They do come with one major downside though: Silicone reacts negatively with other silicone, and they break each other down. This means that if you’re using a silicone butt plug, you aren’t going to be able to use a silicone lube.

Whichever lube you decide to use, they are all suitable so feel free to experiment and find whichever one you enjoy the most.

Preparing to Use Your Tail Butt Plug

Once you have your chosen lubricant, the next step is to get ready to put your butt plug in. You need to make sure that you apply enough for your session. Really go to town, you can never have too much lube. Don’t just put it on the surface either, you should make sure that plenty of lube gets inside your butt and all over the plug. Often people will only lubricate the outside of their anus and still find it quite painful when they insert the plug, but by making sure enough lube is inside you can usually avoid this. If you struggle getting lube inside your butt you can look for a lubricant syringe, which helps you inject lubricant directly into the anal canal.

With everything well lubricated and ready to go, you still shouldn’t go rushing into things. Unless you’re an experienced user, chances are your butt won’t be used to having things put inside it. The best way to get used to this is simply to start with a finger.

You don’t have to insert the whole finger at once, just start with the first knuckle. You can gently push on the entrance of your anus much like you would a doorbell. The tip of your finger should eventually slide in. Once you’ve got it inside, have a short rest so both your anus and your brain can adjust to the sensations.

Whenever you feel ready, you can push the finger a little further in. Don’t be afraid to add more lube as you need it and stop whenever you need to. Before long you’ll have your whole finger inside. Again, whenever you feel ready, you can move onto a second finger or even a third. How far you go will depend on the size of the butt plug you plan to use, as you want to graduate from your fingers to the plug without too much of a size jump.

If you want to use a particularly large plug it’s usually a good idea to gradually move up from smaller plugs. You might want to pick up an anal training set if this is your goal as they contain a range of plugs of different sizes to work your way through.

Inserting Your Tail Butt Plug

When your anus has loosened up a bit you’ll be ready to put the plug in. By now you should know the score. Start gently and get the tip in, then gradually slide the plug further and further in. You shouldn’t really need to apply too much force to get the plug in and should never push forcefully. If you feel any pain while you’re putting in the plug, stop and take a break and if needed, remove the plug.

With tail plugs one of the most important parts of putting in your plug will be keeping an eye on where the tail is. Depending on your preferred position during insertion, you can usually try to lay the tail so that it is fully outstretched. If any hairs get stuck on the plug while you insert it then the tail can get all tangled up. Some hairs can come loose or even get pulled off inside your butt. All things we want to avoid.

Eventually you should be able to get your entire plug inside. You’ll find the last part the hardest, as these are generally the widest parts of a butt plug. If you can push through any struggle though, you’ll be rewarded with a bit of a pop as the anus closes around the stem of the plug.

Removing the plug is exactly the same process, just in reverse! You should still take your time with it and not push yourself any further than you feel comfortable. Never pull on the tail to remove your butt plug as you may damage or even pull off the tail.

Using your Tail Butt Plug

So, we’ve covered the physical aspect of using your butt plugs, or putting them in, but you might be wondering what you really use them for.

Different people like different things and there are a huge range of reasons people use butt plugs with tails. These include:

  • Sex
  • Roleplay
  • Roleplay and Sex
  • Dressing up
  • Fun while in the house/doing chores
  • Masturbation

The way you use your plug will probably be slightly different between these different activities.

Tail Butt Plugs and Sex

Wearing a butt plug during sex can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience, and tail plugs are no different. Purely from a physical standpoint the plug can be enjoyable for both a man and a woman. The most obvious part is that for people who enjoy anal stimulation, they gain extra pleasure compared to having sex without one. The anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings, even more so than the penis or vagina. Even if you don’t enjoy anal stimulation on its own, there are still benefits to be gained from wearing your plug.

For women, the butt plug presses on the walls of the vagina from the back. This makes everything feel tighter for both a man and a woman during sex. You also get the feeling of double penetration without actually having to go and find a third person for your sexual activities.

Men also get benefits from using a plug during sex. There is a small gland found between a man’s penis and bladder named the prostate gland. This gland helps control when a man ejaculates, but also has the side effect of feeling very good when stimulated. The location makes reaching the prostate difficult though and entering anally is the easiest way to access it. This makes butt plugs ideal for prostate stimulation. When a man’s prostate is stimulated, they typically have harder erections and much stronger orgasms.

The tails can also be quite fun to use during sex. Depending on the length you can use it to stimulate many of the body’s erogenous zones. Thighs, neck, shoulders, stomach and many other parts of the body can all be nice to lightly massage. You might even be able to use the tail as a make shift gag if it’s long enough, or gently pull on it during thrusts to add a little more stimulation. Feel free to experiment and see what works for you.

Tail Butt Plugs and Masturbation

Many people only really pull out their butt plugs during sex, but those people are definitely missing out! You can have just as much fun during masturbation by using the plugs in the same way. You’ll need to put a little more effort as you’ll need to do all the stimulation yourself, but you get the bonus of being able to do everything exactly the way you like it. Nobody knows your own body better than you!

Tail Butt Plugs and Roleplay

This is where tail plugs really start to come into their own. Roleplay comes in many different kinds, you don’t have to entirely embrace the life of a dog or cat to enjoy a little tail plug roleplay in the bedroom. Even just a little bit of teasing still counts!

The most basic roleplay you can do with a tail butt plug is by simply wearing it. You can use it on its own, or pair it with some sexy lingerie to match. Add a headband with ears on to complete your outfit. Then all that’s left is to lure your partner up to the bedroom and have at it.

Depending how much the two of you enjoy the roleplay you can take it as far as you like. Many people enjoy scratching and biting in the bedroom. You should usually check with your partner though, as constantly scratching their back might be a quick way to put them off if they aren’t into it.

Some people like to take their roleplay much further. You might have heard of furries or petplay. Both of these groups are fairly similar in that they take on aspects of their chosen animal’s persona. This can be small characteristics, such as the playfulness of a cat or the loyalty of a dog. Some take it much further though, taking on the entire lifestyle of the animal and being cared for by an owner (usually their partner).

It’s difficult to give any tips or techniques on this, as each couple’s relationship is individual and unique to them. The best thing to do is discuss it ahead of time with your partner and see exactly how far you’re both willing to take things. One thing is constant throughout these kinds of relationships though, tail butt plugs are almost always a part of them.

Fun Around the House with Tail Butt Plugs

Sometimes there just isn’t much going on in your day. You’ve got a bunch of random jobs to do, and you really aren’t enjoying them. To add a little bit of excitement to these kinds of days, many people like to wear their tail butt plugs while they potter around their house.

Aside from making you feel a little bit fancy and special, the plug can stimulate you slightly every time you move. You might even be able to find some nice little uses for your tail while cleaning or doing jobs. Tying lighter items to the tail gives you an extra hand to use and the extra weight can add a little bit of stimulation to your butt plug. Just don’t attach anything too heavy or you might damage the tail or accidently pull the plug out!

Dressing up with tail butt plugs

Of course, the simplest use for your tail butt plugs is to complete your perfect costume! Whether it’s for Halloween, a fancy-dress party, or just a special night out, there’s so many different plugs out there that you’ll always be able to find the perfect tail to match your outfit. Just be sure that the place you’re going is appropriate for wearing your plug and safe so that it won’t be pulled out by accident.

Whatever reason you want to pick up a tail butt plug, you’ll always be able to find something you enjoy. So, check out our range today and see the wide variety of fun waiting for you!

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