About Us

Woof, rawr, meow, or whatever greeting your animal of choice makes!

Foxyplugs is here just to help you find the perfect tail butt plugs. We’re staffed by a passionate group of people who all enjoy butt plugs and want to share our passion with you!

We started out a few years ago with a small store in our local area. We were even surprised by the response we got. It turns out more people than you think are interested in butt plugs!

We took the money we made from out store and decided to branch out into online sales to spread the love for tails as far and wide as we possibly could.

Currently our team is up to ten core members who all work in different parts of the store to make sure we deliver you the best possible experience we can.

So, feel free to browse our store and join in on the great fun that you can have with tail butt plugs!