Alternative Uses for Tail Butt Plugs

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I know we might be stretching it a bit here but stick with me. You might be the kind of person who is thinking about buying a butt plug but isn’t quite ready to spend that kind of money. Or maybe you just like getting the most out of all of your belongings. This is the article for you, as we’re going to explore the alternative ways you can use your tail butt plugs.

Decorating with Tail Butt Plugs

One of the most ways you can proudly display your collection of tail butt plugs is by decorating with them. It doesn’t have to be in your house, there are plenty of opportunities to use them!

Perhaps the best opportunity to make use of your tails in decorations is if you are organising a hen party, bachelor party or similarly risqué event. Combining several different colours and styles of tails can create some really interesting and fancy designs. Plus, the presence of the butt plugs can really set the tone for your event, letting everyone know straight from the start that things are a little naughty and kinky.

If you want to decorate somewhere without giving off the kinky impression, you can still use tail plugs! There are a wide range of tail plugs out there with much smaller butt plugs attached. Many of them also don’t have the traditional butt plug shape that people are likely to recognise. You can make furry hanging arches by tying a few of these together, and if you don’t want the plugs to be displayed you can try and attach them to the other tails so that they are behind and can’t be seen.

You can try using tail plugs as nice table decorations, hang them over doors or lampshades to create hanging furry drapes or banners. Even using them on your walls can create some interesting arty sculptures. The limit is your own imagination!

Insulating with Tail Butt Plugs

Now this might be one that you’ve never thought of. If you’ve ever found yourself shivering in your own house and just can’t warm up, you’ll usually look for blankets, extra clothes, or anything else to keep warm. Surprisingly, tail butt plugs can be very useful at fighting off the chill.

There are a few different ways you can use them to keep the cold out. Some of the easiest ways include: Hanging them over your curtain rail for an extra layer between your window and curtains, attaching them to the inside of your duvet for an extra thick bedtime experience, stuffing some inside your sleeves and clothes, or even having one around the top of your toilet seat to keep your butt nice and toasty!

Pretty much anywhere in your house that you put an extra layer of fabric will give you at least some extra warmth so you can try different places and see what works best for your house. Common places where heat gets out include windows, cracks around doors, and fireplaces or chimneys.

Even More Unusual Places to Try a Tail Butt Plug

The further we go with these ideas the weirder they’re going to get, but some of these things might appeal to some of you! You can try:

  • Using tail plugs in place of door handles.
  • Creating a fuzzy hood by lining the hood of your coat with the tail.
  • Protecting some things from nosey housemates by wrapping it in the tail (who’s going to want to touch something that’s been in your butt!)
  • If you’re into dancing and need to practise using a ribbon stick but don’t have one at home, a pair of butt plugs can work perfectly instead.
  • Makeshift ties, gags or handcuffs for those of you into bondage.
  • Softer whips to tease your partner with.

The list goes on and on. Pretty much anything is possible with a little imagination, so look around the house and see what ideas you can come up with that we haven’t. Obviously, it’s important to remember that hygiene is very important. If you’re using butt plug purely for these purposes, then you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re doubling up though, and sometimes use these plugs in their traditional anal uses then you need to make sure you are thoroughly cleaning them and removing all bacteria before you start using them around your house.

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