Make Your Own Tail Butt Plugs

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Can’t find the perfect tail you have in mind? Maybe there’s one in the right style but it’s a bit too long. Or perhaps your roleplaying ideas are just so out there that there’s no plugs on the market. Don’t worry, you aren’t completely out of luck yet…

Can You Make Your Own Tail Butt Plug?

The simple answer to this is yes, of course you can! Somehow though, I don’t think that’s going to be the answer you were looking for and that you probably wanted a little more detail.

How Can You Make Your Own Butt Plug?

Now we’re onto the more important question. There are actually a few different ways you can go about making a tail butt plug. Which you choose will probably depend on how much time you have and how comfortable you are with the methods involved. In all cases you’re going to need a butt plug to attach your tail to, but the most adventurous of you might even want to make that part too!

There are a few different ways to go about getting the tail on your butt plug:

  • Buy a tail from any costume shop and attach it to your plug
  • Buy an existing tail plug and modify it
  • Make a tail from scratch and attach it to a plug

There are also a few different ways to get the butt plug itself:

  • Buy one (the simplest solution)
  • Use a moulding kit (lets you make it like a loved one’s penis)
  • Moulding out of clay
  • Glass-blowing
  • Metalwork
  • Woodworking

Making the Butt Plug

This is most often going to be the hardest part of making a tail butt plug. As we said above, if you aren’t comfortable with these methods but are looking for something a little easier then you should probably just buy a butt plug and attach a tail to it.

Moulding Kits

The easiest method of making a butt plug all of your own is using some kind of ready-made moulding kit. These kits are often designed for making a mould of a man’s penis, but they can work just as well for butt plugs. You simply mix the mould up, put an object in it the shape that you want your butt plug to be, let it dry, then pour in the silicone mix.

The object you use to create the mould can be nearly anything you want, as long as the shape is something you’ll enjoy having in your butt. The simplest option is to use an existing butt plug if you have one. It’s also important to try and avoid bubbles in the silicone mixture as this can lead to impurities in the finished product.

After you’ve made the mould and poured in the silicone mixture then you’ll need to leave it for a while to set and then your butt plug will be ready to go.

Clay/Glass/Metal/Wood Custom Butt Plugs

I’ve grouped all of these methods together as there is a lot of technical ability needed to pull it off. If you have no experience with any of these methods, then I wouldn’t recommend attempting to make a butt plug in any of these ways. There are many ways things can go wrong and you’re going to be putting this inside your body, so mistakes are the last thing you’re going to want.

If you know what you’re doing though, then go nuts! We all know what a butt plug looks like and you know your own body, so you should be able to judge the size and shape you need to create. If you’re very competent at your chosen craft, then you might even be able to add ridges or bumps to make the plug feel even better. Just be sure once you have the finished product that you check over it thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any sharp or rough parts that can damage your insides and then apply any treatments to the plug to make it waterproof and non-porous if possible.

Making the Tail

With your butt plug ready, the other part you need to prepare is the tail. Again, the easiest option is to buy an already existing tail from a costume or party shop and then attach it to your plug. Another simple option is to buy a tail butt plug that is already the style or length you like and adjust it. You can try cutting it to change the shape, thickness or length, or dying the tail if the colours aren’t quite what you want.

For the more adventurous of you, you can try making your own tail completely from scratch. You can either create a firm tail which will be in the shape you want and can stick out and stay erect, or you can make a floppy tail.

To make a firm tail, you’ll need some wire, foam rubber, and whatever fabric you plan on using on the tail. You simply cut the wire to the length you want then bend it into the shape you like. Then stick foam along the length of the wire to pad it out and hide any sharp parts. Once the foam is attached and dry, you can decorate it with any fabrics, gems, glitter or whatever you want to get the perfect look.

Floppy tails are a little more difficult to make, but still not super complicated. You’ll need a sewing kit rather than just glue. Start by measuring out a strip of faux fur to be the length you want the tail to be. Cut it to length and also cut one end to be curved. You then fold the strip of fur in half so that the furry part is inside and stitch it into a tube with the curved end shut. Stuff the tail with spare fabric or other things if you want it to be a bit thicker, then stitch the other end closed. There are more detailed guides out there with pictures, so you’ll probably want to look one of those up if you’re more of a visual person.

Putting It All Together

The easiest way to attach your tail to your butt plug is simply with glue. You’re going to need some strong glue, as the tail can be quite heavy especially when wet. If you don’t feel like glue is good enough to hold your tail on there are a couple of other options. If you’ve made a tail with a wire inside it, you can leave some wire exposed at one end. If your plug is made of silicone you can heat the exposed wire and embed it within the plug itself to keep the tail attached. For floppy tails you can still attach some wire, kind of like a coat hanger inside one end of the tail so some still stick out.

You could even use keyring clasps which you attach to your tail, and then can clip it onto the ring if your plug has a ring end. This has the added bonus that you can swap around your tails but keep the same butt plug.

Creating your own butt plug from scratch can be a very rewarding process. Not only do you get the warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you have made something with your own hands, but you also get the extra pleasure from having a tailor-made butt plug specially designed to fit your own body. Even if it doesn’t go completely to plan it can still at least be a fun way to spend the afternoon, so what are you waiting for? Try making your own tail butt plug today!

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