Fox tail butt plugs

Playful, friendly, curious, sly, and love to stalk its prey - these are the well-known characteristics of a fox. If you or your lover has these characteristics, then you should try our Fox tail butt plugs!

Foxyplug's Fox Tail Plugs do not only add spice to your sex life, but they also help bring out your inner foxy side. Whether you are new to this kind of erotic game, or you want to take your sex play to the next level of anal pleasure, we've got you covered!

All of our fox tail anal toys are made from either silicone or stainless steel. These materials ensure durability and are hazard-free as they are non-toxic and non-porous. This means that your voluptuous ass will stay bootylicious no matter how long wear them inside your canal.

Our silicone-based fox plugs are ideal for novice players. They are flexible, making it easier to bend your body while they are in your ass.
Our stainless steel fox tail butt plugs - on the other hand - are perfect for experienced anal players. These toys provide a sense of fullness inside your butt because they are heavier than silicone tail plugs. They are also ideal for temperature play as these fox tail plugs are adaptable to cold and heat. With these anal toys, you'd get to reach the pinnacle of your climax in no time!

Our Fox Tail Anal Plugs are also made from synthetic fur. This means no creatures have been harmed while making these toys. Nonetheless, these toys are hypoallergenic. You won't have to worry about rashes and irritation as they will leave your butt cheeks flawless.

Our Fox Tail Butt Plugs are available in various colors and sizes. We have fox plugs that look real as if the material used in making these toys were from foxes. We also have tailpieces that come in vibrant colors. Whatever shade you choose, our foxtail sex toys will grab the attention of your master!
As for the size, you can choose between small, medium, and large plugs. Get a tail plug that fits not only the circumference of your hollow entrance but also your level of expertise.

But if there is one thing these fox tail plugs have in common, it's the ergonomic design of each toy. All of our foxtail anal plugs have smooth tapered ends, slender stems, and flared bases. The narrow tips of these toys and their slim necks allow for easy penetration. Furthermore, they help you reach your peak as these parts hit your erotic spots in your backdoor.

Meanwhile, the flared bases prevent the plugs from getting inserted fully into your anus. That way, you can lie down, stand, or crawl towards your master or prey with no worries.

It's time to set your inner wild or tame beast free. Stalk your next victim or be a good pet to your partner. Whatever behavior you are channeling, these fox tail butt plugs are sure to make your nights with your lover more exciting!

Tail Care Tips:

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