14" Silicone Light Brown Fox Tail

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Call on your wild side with our 14" Silicone Light Brown Fox Tail! This will give you and your lover the best times in bed and provide you with that much-needed love boost.

Tail plugs are amazing toys that can be used by anyone wanting to have an adventure. It's always good to bring some good stuff out when you want some extra sensations during your lovemaking. And this amazing toy will be everything you need and more!

This will awaken the numerous nerve endings in the ass with the right kind of pressure and touch. The shape and surface of this amazing toy are designed to fill in all the erogenous areas of the ass and give it tender lovin' care. This model has a silicone plug that is perfect for beginners looking for a material that will lovingly caress the insides of the bum with its firmness, flexibility, and smoothness. This toy also has a flared base to make sure that you get to enjoy a comfortable and safe anal play even when it becomes a little rough or unstoppably wild. The base also holds a lovely light brown fox tail that delivers a nice touch to your pet play and brings the extra flare you are looking for.

This variant has a plug with a length of 3.42 inches and a width of 1.14 inches, a great dimension for that nice snug inside the bum, filling it with wonderful, titillating sensations.

Keep this device clean before and after each use to make sure no harmful bacteria gets lodged inside. Dry it thoroughly before storing it on shelves away from direct sunlight and dust.

Give this toy a good try and you will surely fall in love with how sensational your lovemaking becomes!

Color Black (plug), Light Brown (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 13.78-14.57 inches
plug: 3.42 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.14 inches


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