Bunny tail butt plugs

Bunnies are cute, adorable, irresistible, and ready to steal your heart. What we have in mind is quite different; we want to keep you satisfied, content, and begging for more.

Our bunny tail butt plugs are perfect for those who want to start on their journey to animal tail plugs and would like to keep it on the low level for the meantime. Bunny tail plugs still give you the same feeling and gratification that you get from normal butt plugs, the only difference is their tails. Bunny tail plugs are the most discreet and low profile amongst our other tail plugs.

There are two main materials for our bunny tail plugs: silicone and stainless steel, which are both ensured to be high quality and medical grade to guarantee your health and safety when you use them. The tails are made from soft and fluffy material that feels like a real bunny's tail! You won't get bored with the colors as you can choose from a myriad of available colors for these balls of fur.

Skip on your usual route and take one less traveled but more gratifying. Grab your bunny and plug it down the rabbit hole (if you know what we mean).