12" Silicone Black and Gray Cat Tail Plug

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If you're afraid of getting a prostate disorder one day, then you are not alone. We're so scared of that, too! Imagine all the pain and changes it would bring to your lifestyle. Luckily, anal plugs are invented not only to provide pleasure but also to aid in preventing prostate disorders. Prevention is always better than cure after all. And, what a better way to avoid complications while remaining stylish and high-fashion? Thanks to the 12" Silicone Black and Gray Cat Tail Plug for making life more comfortable and sexier!

This anal toy is available in three different sizes with three various colors. The smallest plug (Black) measures 2.68 x 1.10 inches, then 3.15 x 1.38 inches for the medium-sized plug (Purple), and 3.62 x 1.61 inches for the largest plug (Pink). They are all made of high-quality medical silicone that is non-porous and hypoallergenic. These butt plugs are capable of temperature play for an added sensation inside you. Just soak the silicone plug in either hot or cold water before sliding it inside your butt.

The smooth surface of this body-safe toy is popular among newbies and experienced users. Additionally, its tailpiece measuring approximately 12 inches is designed to resemble a cat's tail. This tail adds to the erotic sensation when brushed against your skin.

This toy is still vulnerable to bacteria and germs even when not in use! That's why maintaining its cleanliness is crucial in enjoying anal play with this sex toy. With the help of running tap water, use an ordinary liquid soap for the silicone plug and baby shampoo for the tailpiece. Use a hairdryer on a mild setting or just let it air dry. Store in a well-ventilated container at room temperature.

Many of our customers enjoy discreet billing and packaging. And, you'd be happy that all our transactions remain incognito! Your purchase won't be disclosed on the shipping label as well as on your credit card statement.

Now that you finally discovered the secret to avoiding complications to the prostate, you can say goodbye to an expensive medical appointment and use that time in enjoying yourself instead! Buy now while it's still available!

Color Black and gray (tail), purple, pink, black (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 11.81 inches
plug: S: 2.68in., M: 3.15in., L: 3.62in
handle: N/A
plug: S: 1.10in., M: 1.38in., L: 1.61in.


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