Wolf tail butt plugs

Are you a lone wolf or someone who finds pleasure in groups? Regardless of what brings you thirst, Foxyplugs will always have something for you.

Choose from a variety of  Wolf Tail Butt Plugs that we offer. We have the fluffy tails that will highlight your every move especially when you want to showcase the sexy shape of your butt. We made sure you are safe in every adventure you take so we only use high-quality materials. Choose from stainless-steel, medical-grade silicone, or toxic-free plastic to suit your level of experience. If you want to vary the feeling of your wild anal game-play, then choose the size of the plug that will suit your lust. Is it the subtle pleasure of a short plug or the never-ending pleasure of a longer one? Is it the surprising feeling of a teardrop-shaped plug or the elevating stimulation of the tapered plug? Your butt, your choice.

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