Caring for Tail Butt Plugs

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All sex toys need looking after and proper care. Tail butt plugs are no different, but they do have some extra things to consider that you don’t normally have to think about with regular sex toys.

Removing Factory Smell from Tail Butt Plugs

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you get a brand-new butt plug is get rid of the smell leftover from the manufacturing process. The tips for removing smell when you first buy your plugs aren’t just one-off things either. Over time some kinds of butt plugs will understandably gather smells from inside your body. The same tips that help you remove factory smell from your plugs can also help you remove any bodily smells that accumulate.

The best way to get rid of smells on your butt plugs is regular cleaning. Silicone tends to be the worst for smells. While it is non-porous, it’s not 100% non-porous. It won’t harbour any bacteria or germs, but it will allow smells to accumulate in the pores. Luckily there are a few different ways to thoroughly clean your butt plugs and get any smell off them.

Most good quality silicone toys can be boiled. The high temperatures kill all of the bacteria that builds up on the plug and completely sterilise it. In some cases, this is enough to help remove the smells.

Some butt plugs are suitable to be cooked. I know it sounds strange, but the extra temperature can really get the smells off. Of course, you should only do this if it specifically states that it’s safe in your plugs instructions or you might end up with a melted butt plug stuck to the inside of your oven.

Another option is the dishwasher. If you decide to wash your butt plug in your dishwasher then you should put it on a sterilizing cycle, and make sure there’s nothing else in with it. Just like with cooking your butt plug, you should only put it in the dishwasher if the instructions say it’s safe to do.

If these methods don’t get the smell out of your plugs, then you can try adding some extra things to your cleaning regime. Baking soda is often recommended, and can easily be added to a boiling mixture and left for the plug to soak in. Another option is acetone or nail polish remover. Putting some on the round make up removal pads and gently wiping the surface of the plug down can work wonders.

Keeping Your Tail Plug Fluffy

With a tail butt plug, you don’t just have to care for the plug itself. Keeping the tail in good condition can help your plug last longer as well as keeping it looking amazing while you wear it. You need to wash your tails after use just like the plug, but also need to let things dry properly.

Once they’ve dried off properly, the tails will probably not look quite the same as they did when you got them. You’ll need to regularly brush them back up to get that fluffy look that they had when you first got them. Be sure to only brush gently, as vigorous brushing will be likely to damage the tail.

Cleaning Tail Butt Plugs

Probably the largest part of caring for your butt plugs will be regular cleaning. This is something that should become second nature to you as you begin to use your toys more and more. Being lazy and leaving it till later or next time is a bad idea, so your butt plugs should be cleaned after every use.

Cleaning is super important because of the kinds of bacteria that live inside your anus. Butt bacteria may be fine for a butt, but if you start to get these germs anywhere else you can make yourself very sick. This also goes for anyone else’s butts. The germs which are good for your own body won’t necessarily be good for somebody else’s, so your plug will always need to be cleaned between users if you plan on sharing it with someone.

The exact method you use to clean your plugs will depend on exactly what sort of butt plug you have. For exact instructions you should refer to any manuals that came with your butt plug. In general, the methods will be decided by whether your plug is porous or non-porous.

Porous materials are less recommended for butt plugs as they allow bacteria to penetrate and absorb into their surface. Cleaning porous materials is much more difficult, as it is nearly impossible to get the bacteria out from within the surface of the plug. Porous materials include rubber, jelly, TPE/TPR, and wood among others.

Non-porous materials are the preferred materials for your butt plugs. These materials are glass, steel or silicone. The only thing that can penetrate the surface of a non-porous material is smell, and even that is only with certain plugs like silicone. This means that when cleaning these there are some easier methods you can use.

The most common way to clean any butt plug is simply with warm soapy water and a cloth. Be sure to wipe the entire surface of the plug, not just the part that went in your body, and get into all the nooks and crannies. If your plug is particularly dirty you can submerge it beneath the water while wiping it. Be careful with the temperature of the water though, some plugs are vulnerable to heat and may melt or warp in water that is too hot.

If your plug is non-porous, it will usually be able to withstand a little more punishment giving you some extra options when it comes to cleaning. The main difference is the amount of heat it can withstand. Many non-porous butt plugs can be boiled, cooked in the oven, or put in the dishwasher, with no negative side effects. Obviously, you should check whether or not this is safe by looking through your instructions that came with your butt plug.

For the super clean people out there, you may want to buy some sex toy cleaning fluid. While I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of these fluids, they claim to be specially formulated to kill all of the germs that build up on your plug. They can be amazing or completely pointless, but if you feel like taking the extra step to keep your plug clean then why not, they might just be able to get that lingering smell out.

Drying Your Tail Butt Plugs

Once you’ve cleaned your butt plug you also need to make sure that it’s completely dried off before you put it away. Storing wet or even damp butt plugs can lead to mould building up on the surface which you really don’t want to be putting inside your body. Smells can also be a problem if you store your plugs in bags or boxes without drying them as they can stay for a long time and every time you get your plug out you’ll be met with an unpleasant smell.

You can dry your plugs any way you like. Towels, kitchen roll, or just simply leaving them out are all fine, as long as they are dry before you put them away.

The tails on your butt plugs also need to be dried and brushed to keep them in good condition and looking great. You can pat the tail down with a towel or kitchen roll, then give it a brush just like you would your own hair.

Storing your tail butt plugs

Storing your butt plugs is an equally important part of looking after them. Some of the materials butt plugs are made of can react to each other, or sunlight, or heat. This means you need to take some special care when deciding where to keep your plugs.

The best way to store your butt plugs is by keeping them all separate. You can do this by keeping them all in separate bags and then storing them in a box kept in a cool dry place. High shelves are normally a good idea if there are people in your house you don’t want to find your plugs. You should try to be careful when putting the tails into bags as well, to make sure they don’t become folded or deformed during storage.

With these simple tips, we hope that you’re able to keep your tail butt plugs in pristine condition and are free to fully enjoy the pleasure they have to offer.

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