Dangers/Risks of Tail Butt Plugs

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When using any kind of sex toys safety should be one of your primary concerns, and it’s no difference for butt plugs. Having nasty accidents or damaging your body is a sure way to ruin the experience. There are so many great things to feel and enjoy while using butt plugs and it’s very easy to stay safe so spending a little time becoming familiar with any risks or dangers should be something we all do.

The main dangers when using butt plugs can be loosely identified as:

  • Lack of lubrication
  • Improper cleaning
  • Going too big too quickly
  • Bad butt plugs
  • Allergies
  • Butt plugs with no Base
  • Using objects that aren’t butt plugs
  • Keeping them in for too long

Tail plugs aren’t much different. All of these same dangers apply, but there are a couple of extra things to look out for like:

  • Rashes/Allergies to fur
  • Proper cleaning of the fur
  • Strangulation/Restriction risks
  • Don’t remove the plug by pulling on the tail. This can damage the tail.

If you use your tail plugs responsibly and sensibly though, all of these dangers shouldn’t be something you need to worry about.


Whenever you are putting something into your butt you need to use some kind of lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any of its own lubrication. This means that putting something in without lube is likely to be very painful. In the worst case it can even cause abrasions or even tears of the anal lining.

Lack of lubricant is probably the number one reason people get putt off anal sex or anal play. The anal muscles will gradually stretch and become used to objects over time. At the first attempt they will be very difficult to put things in, so lube is extra important. Without it, the pain can convince people that they don’t like anal, when in fact they just had one crappy experience.

There are three main kinds of lube available: Oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. All three are good, but more useful than the others in different situations.

Water-based lubes are the most common, including products like KY Jelly. These are good at lubricating, but they tend not to last very long. You’ll need to reapply them frequently throughout your sessions.

Silicone-based lubricants last much longer and tend to feel quite silky to the touch. They can feel very nice to use and are a favourite of a lot of people. The big caveat with silicone lubes is that they can’t be used with silicone toys as they break down the surface of the toys and can contaminate your body.

Oil-based lubes tend to be much thicker. They last an extremely long time, and sometimes can be quite hard to wash off. They are also safe for use with any kind of toy, so many people prefer them the most for anal play.

Improper Cleaning

Many of the issues people arise from not cleaning their butt plugs properly. Butt plugs should be cleaned both before and after use. Even if you clean them every time you take them out, they can still gather germs and bacteria during storage. The anal walls are very sensitive, so even regular bacteria which doesn’t have much of an effect on your hands or feet can be absorbed into the body through the rectum.

After every use your butt plugs should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. How this is done varies from plug to plug so you should refer to any instructions that came with it. Some can simply be boiled, while others require a little more effort. In general, most butt plugs can be cleaned by using a damp soapy cloth and wiping all parts of the plug down.

The tails will need cleaning too! These fabrics can also contain germs and most cases they are much more effective than the plugs themselves at holding onto these bacteria. For more detailed instructions on cleaning your tail butt plugs we have prepared a guide for you.

After washing, the plugs need to be dried off and stored properly. Putting it away while it’s damp can cause mould to build up on the plug.

Using butt plugs that haven’t been cleaned or stored properly exposes your body to many bacteria which can give you infections ranging from simple yeast or urinary tract problems, right up to serious diseases which could even require surgery.

You should also never share your butt plug with another person without cleaning it in between. In all cases we recommend having separate sex toys for separate people. If you absolutely must share though, make sure you thoroughly clean your plug before someone else uses it. Even the healthy bacteria which is found inside your body might not be so healthy inside somebody else.

Going Too Big Too Quickly

Another common issue with tail butt plugs is attempting to use one which is too large. The anal muscles need to be trained and stretched over time to get used to different sized butt plugs. This is usually done by starting with fingers, then small butt plugs, then eventually larger plugs.

The training process takes time, and there’s no way you can effectively train your anus in one day. For many people this can even take several months. When done properly though, there should be little to no pain from moving between the different sizes, and you should be able to comfortably hold a plug of whichever size you wish.

Even if you find the perfect tail and you absolutely have to have it, pay attention to the plug attached. Ideally knowing which size plug your butt can handle will help you with shopping but if you end up with a great tail on a plug that’s too big then don’t rush and work your way up to it.

Going for a large plug when your anus isn’t ready for it can give you a wide range of issues. From simply not being able to get it in (and wasting your money on a purchase you aren’t going to use), to varying levels of pain that can put you off anal, right up to serious problems like tearing, bleeds, or even anal fissures or prolapses. In any case it’s not going to be a fun experience so take your time.

Bad Butt Plugs

The quality of your butt plug can have an impact on how safe it is for you to use. Unfortunately, the sex toy industry isn’t very well regulated. While many stores and manufacturers have been pushing in the last couple of decades for good quality and safe toys to become the norm, there are some out there who use low quality materials when making their toys. These materials don’t just mean your butt plug won’t last as long. Some materials can even be toxic in the human body, and links have been found to many different diseases or conditions.

The easiest way to avoid any risk is to stick to high quality products made from safe materials. The safest materials for butt plugs are glass, metal and silicone. Things to avoid include TPR/TPE, jelly, rubber, and any painted or decorated plugs as many of these coatings can come off in the body.


An often-overlooked part of choosing a butt plug is any personal allergies you might have. One particularly common allergy is latex. Many types of butt plugs will be made of collections of different compounds so even if it is named as one material, you should make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. The nerves inside your rectum are some of the most sensitive in the entire body so the chances of having an allergic reaction is much higher.

The tails should also be considered. Faux fur is normally made from cellulose or synthetic fibres. Ingredients in these can also set off allergic reactions. Similarly, many people are allergic to real fur from certain animals. Obviously if you suffer from any of these allergies, you shouldn’t buy any tails which are made of that kind of fur. Even though the tails don’t go in the same way a butt plug does, you can still give yourself rashes or irritations on your legs or butt cheeks which is sure to ruin the mood.

Butt Plugs with No Base

Any time you buy a butt plug you should always make sure that they have a solid flared base. These can either be a round shape, or a T-bar shape. The T-bars sit between your butt cheeks so can be a lot more comfortable than a round one, although they are a lot less common with tail plugs.

The base is the most important part of the butt plug as it is the only thing stopping it from fully entering your body. The anus works slightly differently to the vagina. When you insert things into the vagina, the entrance to the cervix stops anything from travelling too far and getting stuck. The anus has no such gateway, and objects are able to travel right the way up into your body. The anal muscles in your butt also naturally suck up any objects you insert into it. If left alone they will make their way through the entire anal passage and up into the intestines. If this happens you’ll usually need surgery to remove the plug, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

Using Objects That Aren’t Butt Plugs

It should go without saying that putting random things into your butt is an easy way to cause yourself some harm. People experiment with all kinds of different objects in the search for anal pleasure. While you’ll be able to find many stories of people who’ve tried one thing or another and been totally fine, you’ll be able to find just as many stories of people who were definitely not fine.

Some people will read all the advice and still decide it’s worth it, and that’s entirely up to them. This is your butt however. It’s a part of your body which is very important and does a lot of things that you need to be working properly. A punctured colon can be a problem for life, so our advice will always be that if you’re trying any kind of anal play only use toys which have been specifically designed with this purpose in mind.

Even with your anal toys you still need to make sure they are in good condition. When you buy a brand new one, they can have mould lines leftover from the manufacturing process. These can be quite sharp or pointy, so it’s important to make sure that these have all been removed. If not, a simple nail file should be able to get them off and smooth the surface of the plug. Similarly, as you use your plug areas can become weakened, rough, or raised. You should check the surface to make sure that everything is in good condition before you start, or you could scratch or tear your rectum.

Keeping Your Butt Plug in For Too Long

There are many people who claim to wear butt plugs for days at a time. I can’t argue for the truth of these stories but keeping plugs on for too long can cause serious damage to your anus and rectum. Most doctors will tell you to keep a plug in for no more than 2-3 hours per day. You can use this as a general guide but in most cases, you just need to listen to your own body. When the plug starts to become uncomfortable, ache, or cause any kind of pain, it’s time to remove it for at least a short while.

Don’t Pull on the Tail!

When wearing a tail butt plug, it might seem like a nice and simple way to remove the plug is by pulling on the tail. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually the case. The amount of force you need to remove the plug can be quite large as the sphincter muscles are some of the strongest in the body. Applying this force to the tail is a very easy way to either damage it, or completely pull it off the plug.

Strangulation or Restriction

Some tails can be very long, even reaching over a foot in length. Bedroom activities can get quite vigorous as we all know, so it can be easy to lose track of your tails. Depending on what you’re doing with your partner, you should always try to have some idea of where your tail is to avoid any risk of it being tangled up around necks or restricting blood flow to other parts of the body.

We hope this article gives you some idea of the things you should be looking out for when using your tail butt plugs. With safety considered, you should be able to enjoy making the most of your plugs and experience all the pleasure they can bring you.

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