Rainbow tail butt plugs

Be an alluring, mystical, and colorful submissive! Let your dom's eyes feast on your multi-colored behind, and let a long, silky and smooth rainbow-colored tail sway side to side from your butt cheeks. Prolong the foreplay and hype up your tease, check out our collection of Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs, buy a tail or two and see how these vibrant colors bring about significant change in your roleplay!

Butt plugs or anal plugs are these little sex toys inserted in the butt hole to enhance the stimulation felt during foreplay and lovemaking. It can massage the wearer from the inside and hit the spots that really matters during sex. While it does its wonders from the inside, it can also do magic from the outside. They can also be used to accessorize a person's behind, given that the plug's flared handle protrudes in between the butt cheeks, it's a great opportunity to make them look good too. Some butt plugs have a jeweled tip, knife or sword handle design, and some are animal-inspired. Indeed, you've read that right! You can portray the role of an animal, to induce a wild, animalistic mood during sex. You can just imagine an untamed, ferocious night with your partner, how exciting could that be?

If you fancy being a mythical, magical creature, then we've got just the thing! We have a variety of Rainbow-colored tail butt plugs, it's a wide collection with lots of variations to choose from. When it comes to the butt plug's material, you can choose from silicone or stainless steel. Both are non-porous and very safe for use. For plugs made of heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel, simply submerge it in boiling water for around 10 minutes and then, let it cool. For butt plugs made of materials like silicone, wash them with mild soap and lukewarm water. No matter what material the plug was made of, always make sure to wipe it dry and to keep it in clean and cool storage. We also have a variety of butt plug sizes to choose from, if you're a novice user, stick with the small ones first and then work your way up to the bigger butt plugs as you gain more experience in anal play.

In keeping the tail's pristine condition, clean the tail by fully submerging it in water and soap, then wash it gently, do this if you are using a plug with a faux fur tail. Once dry, regardless of whether the tail is real or faux fur, you should brush it as you would your own hair in order to maintain its fluffiness. We also have different tail lengths to choose from, from very short rainbow bunny tails to ones that are almost 30 inches long.

To complete the look, pair it with your favorite white lingerie and wear a unicorn-horn headband to make you look like a magical horse creature your partner would like to ride. Or get crazy and mix and match themes, whatever it takes to turn your dom on and get him to violate you sexually! So what are you waiting for, browse through our collection and find the rainbow tail butt plug that fits the naughty, sexy yet mystical version of "you".