Rainbow tail butt plugs

There is only one thing that can match the level of your colorful personality, and that is our Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs. The colorful world of anal gameplay is something that people with bold personalities go for so if you are here then it is meant to be.

Pleasure is our priority, and so is your safety. So, we only use medical-grade stainless steel and silicone materials to produce these pleasure-giving plugs. Aside from its material, you can definitely find the size that fits you very well.  You can choose from our rainbow-colored 13-inch tails, or be extra and choose our 29-inch variant. The possibility is endless when you are in the world of anal sex. You can manifest your self-love while wearing one or satisfy your partner with a show of spectrum of colors. Whatever you choose to be, Foxyplug will always be here to fulfill your fantasies and desires.

Flaunt your colorful tail and be confident of your body. Our Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs are perfect on their own but are also great accents to any clothing of your choice.  So, allow yourself to immerse into fireworks of varying colors and add one of these rainbow tails to your cart now.