15" Stainless Steel Rainbow Golden Tail Plug

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Are you up for some unicorn-inspired role play with your Dom? Are you looking for a tail plug to go with your sexy rainbow outfit? Then browse no more, because this 15" Stainless Steel Rainbow Golden Tail Plug will surely fit into the theme. Take a closer look and let this accessory make your orgasm soar like a magical creature.

A lot of unicorn-inspired items and products are taking over different markets nowadays. From cakes, cotton candies, onesies, and other accessories, these magical creatures are simply creating a trend. This explains why some people would like to take this theme even in their kinky moments. Tease your partner with this 15" Stainless Steel Rainbow Golden Tail Plug and he/she won't be able to resist but tap your ass. Be a cute little submissive while you sway your butt during play. The plug attached to this tail is made of high-quality stainless steel, a non-porous material that is also hypoallergenic and 100% phthalate-free. It has a shiny gold tone that compliments perfectly with the rainbow-colored tail. It has a tapered tip to make the insertion smooth and pleasant. The plug itself has a total length of 2.76 inches with a diameter of 1.10 inches. This Stainless Steel Rainbow Golden Tail Plug has a total length of 18.11 inches.

Before getting into your mystical, naughty mood, make sure that you have sanitized the stainless steel plug by simply submerging it in boiling water for around 10 minutes and leave it to cool. Be generous in applying lubricant on the plug and in your butt hole before insertion. With its multi-colored aesthetic, it will definitely go with any sexy outfit you have in your dirty closet. You can even complete the get-up by putting on a unicorn-horn headband. Once you're done exploring orgasmic heights using this magical sex toy, don't forget to wash and sanitize it with warm soapy water before putting it aside in clean and dry storage.

Always be "in the now" and try something new to keep your sex life's fire burning! Go ahead and add this to your cart now!

Color Rainbow color (tail), Gold (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 15 inches
plug: 2.76 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 inches


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