15" Silicone Rainbow Tail Plug

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Are you fantasizing about playing the role of a naughty but cute little unicorn? Have you been role-playing with your partner but you haven't tried this multi-colored theme yet? Then get your sexy rainbow outfit on and pair it with this 15" Silicone Rainbow Tail Plug! For sure your partner won't even try to resist.

Butt plugs enhance the sexual experience from the inside and out. Lovemaking while wearing an anal plug increases the chance of getting hit on the right spots to take you into that "orgasmic high". You don't need to ride a unicorn to reach that sexual high; sometimes, all you need to have is the right toy. This 15" Silicone Rainbow Tail Plug isn't just about giving you the soothing massage from the inside, but it's also about turning your partner on from the outside. Pair this with a unicorn horn head accessory, and your partner will surely ride you and take your role play to the next level. The plug itself is made of silicone, a non-porous yet very durable and skin-friendly material. It is connected to a 15-inch foxtail resembling the colors of the rainbow. Move your butt left and right, and this multi-colored silky smooth long tail will flow with you.

Always make sure that the toy is thoroughly cleaned before using it. You can use warm soapy water in washing the plug. Generously slather some lubricant on the plug and in the butt hole as well. This is necessary as there is no natural lubrication in that area. After using the plug, clean it right away and wipe it dry. Make sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

Make those "unicorn" wishes come true and discover how magical this butt plug can be! Add this to your cart now!

Color Rainbow colored (tail), Black, Red, Purple, Pink (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 15.35 inches
plug: N/A
handle: N/A
plug: N/A

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