16" Stainless Steel White Fox Tail Plug

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White is elegant, eye-catching, and exquisite. Our 16" Stainless Steel White Fox Tail Plug will truly blow your mind as it has a beautiful white mane that will truly make your animal role-playing the best time of your life!

Tail plugs are a great way to pump up your whole bedroom game by exploring sensations you never thought you'd ever need. You see, our anal canal holds powerful and very sensitive nerve endings that can be stimulated to give you an exceptional sensual experience. When you use a butt plug, you can open up the ass to accommodate your lover's dick for passionate anal sex or just use this toy to achieve anal orgasm. Whatever your ideas may be, our tail plug will surely amaze you with its toughness and beauty. You can also change the temperature of the plug to add a different sensual touch to your anal games. Choose the right hotness or coldness that settles right in your kinky imagination.

Made of premium stainless steel. You will have the best anal stimulation with the hardness that you like. The smooth exterior of steel is a great sensation to your erogenous areas as you rub them with this toy. This will be the only sex toy you will ever need.

This plug also features a very elegant fox tail that has an all-white color. This will be a nice addition to any collector's stash as it is new and fresh in traditional foxtails you would expect.

To have a safe and comfortable anal experience, don't forget to clean this toy before and after each use. You then have to dry it well. Store in a place away from direct sunlight.

Press that 'add to cart' button now and enjoy, not only a great sex toy but a one-of-a-kind experience you have never had before!

Color Silver (plug); White (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 16.50 inches
plug: 2.72 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.06 inches

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