33" Silicone White Fox Tail Plug

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The bed is such a great place to make all your troubles go away. You can rest, nap, and, of course, have wild sex that will calm your senses and get you back on your feet. Let our 33" Silicone White Fox Tail Plug take all your troubles away and let you enjoy one steamy sex that will linger for a long, long time.

When you talk about anal plugs, some may think about it as for the young and active ONLY. Totally outrageous! These toys are also made for couples who want to strengthen their communication and bond with each other.

This particular tail plug is perfect for those who are just starting with their anal journey as the plug itself is made of premium grade silicone that has bendable properties to accommodate a beginner’s ass. It will definitely fill the bum to give you erotic fullness which you've never felt before. This toy also features a flared base to make sure that it does not lodge upwards into the deeper areas of the anal canal. This base also holds a lovely white faux fur which adds a great animalistic touch to your Dom-sub play. Watch your partner drool in utter desire as you sway back and forth or left to right with this tail on!

To make sure you get to enjoy all the good things that this toy offers, you always have to wash it before and after each use. Dry the plug and fur thoroughly and store it properly in a well-covered container away from dust and direct sunlight.

Don't be the last to try this amazing toy! This is the perfect gift to anyone needing some steam in bed! So, press that "Add to Cart" button now and get that ass working!

Color Red (plug); White (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 33.46 inches
plug: N/A
handle: N/A
plug: N/A


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