15" Silicone Black Cat Tail Plug

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According to superstition, black cats are a sign of bad luck, but with the 15" Silicone Black Cat Tail Plug, you'll be lucky! As a matter of fact, it can reinvigorate romance and bring back that oozing passion to mate with your partner. Ditch the boring, mundane lovemaking and welcome steamy nights or days of intertwining with this beautiful and graceful tail plug!

With a handle that resembles a cat's tail and a plug that's made of silicone and measures 3.94 inches long, this toy is perfect for beginners. After all, it's soft and flexible yet it's firm enough to give you a full feeling. Furthermore, the material is non-toxic and doesn't irritate the skin even after prolonged use. Lastly, it feels great when finally placed inside the anus, thanks to all of its wonderful attributes. The long fluffy synthetic tail even helps to bring about sensual vibe and assists in boosting the experience.

If you're a first-timer, you may wonder how to use this product once on hand. Luckily, getting the job done is very easy. All that's needed is a sense of adventure and a lubricant. With that being said, first, coat the plug with lube, then gently massage your rectum with it. Following that, slowly insert the product inside, then leave it there to set your hands free to roam. You can even give your partner a sultry dance to make him extremely hungry to pounce!

Every time you use this product, it must be cleaned right before and after. Scrubbing the plug with a soft cloth with soap and water should get the job done. Avoid thoroughly soaking the tail in water as doing so might alter its shape. Nevertheless, you can shampoo it to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Use a hairdryer on low setting to dry it.

Now, are you ready to explore and discover a new pleasure spot in your body? If so, get this product and finally surrender to your curiosities. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so don't hesitate!

Color Black (plug); Black with white (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 15.75 inches
plug: 3.94 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.38 inches


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