15" Silicone Brown Cat Tail Plug

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Cats are very sensual animals, that is why they are used as a reference in many sexual fantasies. Our 15" Silicone Brown Cat Tail Plug captures the best features of this feline; hence, it's one amazing sex toy that will satisfy your sexual desires.

Tail plugs are very stimulating devices that will deliver the right amount of pressure to stimulate your ass with throbbing passion. This particular sex toy has a plug that is made of premium grade silicone. It has a flexible characteristic yet it bears hardness that will deliver sweet and tender caress on the erogenous areas of the ass.

This toy has a flared base to keep the toy from going up further into the anal canal so you know you'll enjoy safe and comfortable anal play. The base holds a beautiful, flowing mane that extends up to 12.6 inches in length. This adds a sultry vibe for those who love to have a little animalistic role-play as the faux fur will come to life when you sway your hips, as you entice your partner to give you anal penetration.

The plug is offered in 4 different vibrant colors to match your personal preference. We have the fun pink, the kinky purple, the elegant black, and the bold red. Whatever is your jam, you won't go wrong with this awesome tail plug. The plug is 2.76 in length and 1.18 inches wide, a great size for that nice, sensual caress inside the bum.

Always remember to wash the toy before and after each use. Dry the plug and fur thoroughly and place in a container away from direct sunlight and dust.

The 15" Silicone Brown Cat Tail Plug will be the purr-fect gift for a hot, steamy night. Grab it now!

Color Black, Pink, Purple, Red (plug); Brown with black (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 11.8-12.6 inches
plug: 2.76 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.18 inches


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