16" Silicone Black Wolf Plug

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Show your partner who's the sexy alpha with our 16" Silicone Black Wolf Plug!

Our 16" Silicone Black Wolf Plug features a black plug attached to a black wolf tail. The black plug has a basic tapered bulb design which allows you to easily insert it. The wolf tail has a black color and gray accents near the plug and white accents on the tip. The combination turns into an exquisite anal beast in the sheets. From first glance, you will look like a majestic creature!

More than just the looks, this device just gets better since it's made of the finest materials! The plug is made of silicone that went through a number of quality control tests. This ensures that you don't get irritated from any harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, the tail is made from high-quality synthetic fur to give you a realistic feeling. You can unleash your inner wolf without any worries!

You can free your primal instincts with this awesome plug! Putting it to full use, you have to make sure to apply a good amount of lubricant. This allows you to insert it easily and smoothly. You can also place one or two fingers inside before insertion to stretch out your hole. When you're ready, you can wear the tail plug and complete your total transformation!

Using this Black Wolf Plug can give you a crazy bedroom time with your partner and set you for a gushing anal experience! After being fully satisfied, you can pull it out easily by the tail. You can wash it with water and mild soap. Once dried, you can keep it in a safe place until the next hunt!

Break free from holding back with your very own 16" Silicone Black Wolf Plug!

Color Black with grey and white accents
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 15.75 in
plug: 3.93 in
handle: N/A
plug: 1.38 in


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