Medium tail butt plugs

How is your experience using butt plugs? We're sure you're having so much fun with it. But of course, using the same old sex toy for so long can turn your sex games into tedious intimate nights. Don't worry because Foxyplugs has got you covered. We give you...our medium tail butt plugs! This sex toy collection is ideal for those who have been doing anal sex or pet play for quite some time.

Our medium-sized tail plugs are made from different materials, such as silicone, glass, and stainless steel - all of which are of high quality. Hence, you are guaranteed that our medium tail plugs are built to last!
Our silicone medium tail anal plugs are the most popular choices of our buyers. Durable and flexible, these charming butt plugs follow your body's natural curves. You can still bend and get down on all fours even if one of these plugs are in between your butt cheeks. Want to plug a heavier anal toy inside your nates? We have solutions for you! You can get one of our glass medium tail butt plugs.

"But they are made of glass. Would it break inside my butt if the sex act gets intense?" We know about your concern, but we guarantee you that our glass-based tail plugs are robust. They wouldn't easily break even if they fell on the floor or the sex routines were heating up. Plus, they are easier to slide into your sphincter because of their smooth finish.

As for those who want to test their limits during pet play, our stainless steel medium tail butt plugs our your best bet! We use this material in making such toys for a reason. Besides being durable, our stainless steel medium tail butt plugs offer a sense of fullness inside your butt, giving you satisfaction after a hot and naughty pet play scenario with your master.
...and that's what we want you to experience! We want everyone to have a heart-pounding, exhilarating, and cum-exploding night with their partners, which is why we ensure that our medium tail butt plugs can handle your routines.

Our medium tail plugs are available in different animal styles. Whether you neigh, rawr, meow, woof, or whatever your inner animal side say, we've got you covered! With our collection, bringing out your animalistic side would be much easier.

Now that you know the materials used in making our toys and their designs, perhaps you are wondering if they are safe. The answer is...yes! All of our medium-length tail butt plugs are non-toxic, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. It only means that our tail plugs are safe to be inserted in your body. With our medium tail anal plugs, all you have to worry about is to keep the fire burning and your sex play amusing for a happier sex life!

It's time to level up your pet play acts! Ditch your old butt plugs and get one of our medium tail butt plugs to achieve a fun and pleasing sex act you have never felt before.

Tail Care Tips:

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