Medium tail butt plugs

How have you been enjoying your butt plugs so far? We bet you're having a lot of fun than you expected. We wouldn't be surprised if you use your butt plug more times than you brush your teeth! Kidding aside, you're probably ready to get to the next level. Feeling agitated about where to go to next? We have you covered with our Medium Tail Butt Plugs.

These butt plugs are ready to take you to the next level of your journey to anal domination. Medium tail butt plugs are the perfect way to go to advance onto the next step. These plugs are not as extreme as the large tail butt plugs in another collection, but they're bigger than our small tail butt plugs and will give you a tighter and more fulfilling filling (pun intended).

Similar to our other collections that host a specific size for our butt plugs, size will never be an issue for you here. All you have to choose is the type of animal tail that you want, its color and length, as well as the shape of the plug. So what are you waiting for? This shouldn't be too new to you. Take your pick and take it home!