17" Stainless Steel Brown Cat Tail Plug

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Are you a fan of the Batman series, especially the feisty feline Catwoman? Do you want to prowl in the dark wearing a black Catwoman costume? If you love cats and their aloof and queenly personality, then you will definitely love our 17" Stainless Steel Brown Cat Tail Plug!

Tail plugs are the latest craze among BDSM enthusiasts worldwide. These amazing sex toys have been flying off the shelves because they can bring a different level of fun and sensation that you never thought possible. You might not know that our anal canal holds a lot of sensitive nerve endings that are just waiting to be explored. It is such a unique kind of feeling that you just need to experience to believe it.

The 17" Stainless Steel Brown Cat Tail Plug is composed of two parts: a tail and a butt plug. Its tail is made from faux fur, but it is not menial in quality because it is safe for the skin. It is very hypoallergenic and will not produce any unsightly skin irritations. This tail measures about 17 inches in length, which you can hold and twirl to tease your lover with desire.

In addition, our 17" Stainless Steel Brown Cat Tail Plug has a butt plug made of premium-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the best butt plug materials because it is non-porous, non-toxic, and has a smooth surface. With the butt plug's teardrop shape, a hassle-free insertion into your anus is guaranteed. Aside from its unique shape, it also has a slender neck and a flared bottom. This flared and rounded base is for easier retrieval of the plug after use. No matter how rough you get under the sheets, our brown cat tail plug will surely be able to handle it. You may even buy a cat ear headband to complete the Catwoman look.

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Color Silver (plug); Brown with white and blue (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 15.75 inches to 18.50 inches
plug: 2.83 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 inches

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