3" Silicone Purple Bunny Tail Plug

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There’s truly nothing better than being able to express yourself without judgment especially in the sack. If you’ve found a partner that indulges your every whim in the bedroom and outside, then you’re in for a whole new world of mind-blowing sensations.

Seriously thinking of exploring the backdoor? You definitely need a butt plug and we have just the toy for you. Presenting our very own 3" Silicone Purple Bunny Tail Plug – your next best friend if you’re into all sorts of anal play.

There are three sizes that you can choose from -- Small (2.76 x 1.10), Medium (3.15 x 1.34) and Large (3.54 x 1.57) -- all of which come with a purple bunny tail made of 100% synthetic fur. So yes, no animals were harmed in the making of this sexy little number!

The butt plug itself is medical-grade and hypoallergenic silicone – just about the best material that you can use when it comes to toys meant for penetrating our delicate orifice. It’s non-porous and durable and does not retain odors. What’s not to like, eh? The tip is artfully shaped like a spade – tapered with a wide base to help ensure it stays exactly where you want it and not get stuck somewhere inside you where the sun doesn’t shine!

Boasting of solid and super smooth construction for seamless insertion every single time, this 3" Silicone Purple Bunny Tail Plug will train your butt to accept bigger toys or your partner’s dick in no time at all. Enjoy anal sex like a pro, while looking naughty, haughty, and sexy!

With all three size options, there’s definitely a butt plug for everybody, whether you’re a shy beginner or a butt sex connoisseur. We recommend that you use plenty of water-based lube with this toy and that thorough washing been done before and after every use.

Color Purple (tail), black (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic Fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: N/A
plug: S: 2.76in., M: 3.15in., L: 3.54in
handle: 3 inches
plug: S: 1.10in., M: 1.34in., L: 1.57in.


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