Tail Butt Plugs

What sound does your inner animal make? Woof? Rawr? Or perhaps meow? Whatever your true self you can take your roleplay to the next level with a high-quality tail plug from Foxyplugs!

Our Butt Plugs come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, styles and materials to provide comfort for any level of intensity or body type. Each butt plug is made from made from high-quality silicone, glass, TPE or stainless steel to ensure your complete health and safety. Meanwhile all our tails are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and a wonderful soft feel. Do you prefer the long and luxurious tail of a wild cat? or is the fluffy and cute tail of a bunny more appealing? With our huge variety of different lengths and styles of tail you are sure to find your ideal match at Foxyplugs.

Regardless of your preference of animal plug or traditional tail plug we have the range to ensure your needs are met. Jump on over to the individual product pages bellow and browse our extensive range for yourself. From the wildest of wolf tails to the brightest rainbow set we have your covered!

Are you ready to level up your pet play? Find your purrfect match and take home a Tail Plug from Foxyplugs!