Long tail butt plugs

Get your partner on a leash using a long, luscious and fluffy tail selected from our long tail butt plugs collection. Wrap it around the neck, waist or simply rub it against your partner's erogenous spots, do these and you're up for a long session of a dirty bump and grind!

The electrifying sensation brought about by butt plugs are so good, they can be somewhat addicting! What some people don't know yet is that the anus is filled with extremely sensitive nerve endings, if you haven't tried butt plugs before, you're missing a lot! That's why numerous anal players use butt plugs as a sex toy because it can be used by either male or female, and it can be used during masturbation, during foreplay, and for female wearers, it can also be used and worn even while having sex.

Aside from the fact that it can bring about toe-curling sensations, butt plugs can also be used to accessorize your ass. Some butt plugs are decorated with jeweled handle, some thrill-seekers prefer butt plugs with a handle that looks like a knife-handle or that of swords. But for animal lovers or those who simply want to play the role of a sumptuous, furry, submissive pet during lovemaking, they prefer butt plugs with a long, soft, fluffy tail hanging from the handle. It makes the wearer's behind look mystical, elegant, and delicious at the same time.

The plugs from our long tail butt plugs collection are mostly made of non-porous materials like silicone and stainless steel. These materials are skin friendly and are very safe for use because harmful bacteria cannot dwell in these materials. On top of that, butt plugs made of these materials are easy to clean and maintain. For stainless steel plugs, simply submerge it (plug only) in boiling for about 10 minutes. Silicone butt plugs can be washed thoroughly using warm water and soap.

Synthetic tails can be gently washed with water and mild soap. To keep the tail soft and fluffy, brush it regularly as you would brush your own hair. If you are just starting to learn about anal play, better start with something small. As you advance and gain more experience, you can then move to bigger butt plugs. Also, don't hold yourself back when it comes to lubricant, as the anus doesn't have natural lubrication, lather the lubricant generously on the butt plug and on the butt hole before inserting the plug.

Walk across the room with this plug hanging down your ass, and slowly drag it with you. Wear it with your favorite sexy outfit, animal costume or perhaps your birthday suit. You can even pair it with a headband with animal ears or horns to complete the animalistic look. Give your partner a lap dance, or tickle his or her sensitive spots using this tail's hairy tip. Roar and bite your partner to get into full character, and let your beastly instinct take control of the erotic night.

Don't wait any longer, get a plug from our long tail butt plug collection while supplies last!

Tail Care Tips:

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