Jeweled Princess Plug 3 Piece Set

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Silver and gold jewellery. Candlelit dinners cooked by your partner. Even fancy dresses that dazzle and shine from any angle. There's plenty of ways to make yourself feel like a Princess, and here at Loveplugs we've got one more for you to try!

This beautiful set of jewels add a dash of sparkle to your day, and to sweeten the deal you get three different models! Each one is a different size, so you'll be able to choose the right one no matter your mood.

As every good Princess knows, color coordinating your outfit is everything, and we've got you covered there too! These jewels come in a massive range of colors, so you can find exactly what your heart desires. Regal rubies, elegant emerald, precious pink sapphires, and many more. Can't decide which shade matches your tiara? Pick up a mixed set and get three of these fantastic colors so you can change it whenever you feel like it!

Every base features one of these elaborate jewels, made from high-quality acrylic so it'll look just as good as the real thing. They are cut to shape, fit snugly in their slot, and made do look simply superb. When the light catches them just right, everyone in the room won't be able to help but look.

Inserting the jewel is as easy as pie, thanks to the smooth surface of stainless steel which should simply glide right in. It's so simple even your servant can do it, and every Princess has a servant or two spares, right?

If you feel like one of them is causing a bit too much of a stretch, or even too little, simply switch over to another jewel in the set. You're bound to find something enjoyable from one of the three.

But what would a Princess do once they're already wearing their crown jewels? You could sit back in your throne, relax, and let the adoration rain from above. But where's the fun in that? Thanks to the snug fit and firm construction, these jewels were made to be shown off! Wearing them with your favourite dress can give you the option to flash a little bit of color to your adoring public. Or take them upstairs with your beloved Prince, and watch him get hot under the collar when he sees what you have in store for him!

We all know that a Princess' crown jewels don't take care of themselves though, and all of them will need a little TLC once in a while. Your servants need not panic though, as these jewels are incredibly easy to clean, thanks to the non-porous nature of the stainless steel. Simply wipe down with a soapy cloth, and you'll be ready to get back out there and find your Prince before you know it!

With all these benefits fit for the perfect Princess, you'll probably be expecting to pay out a hefty chunk of your treasury. Luckily for you, our jewels are some of the cheapest on the market, so you can get the quality you truly deserve and have some cash leftover to find a new tiara...


Color: PLUG: Silver; JEWEL: Mixed Colors, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Green, White, Violet, Light Green, Purple, Rosy
Material: PLUG: Stainless Steel
Length: N/A
Width: PLUG: 1.1" (SMALL), 1.4" (MEDIUM), 1.6" (LARGE)

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