Jeweled Princess Plug 3pc Set

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Shopping for something special can be a difficult task, and something jeweled might be the first thing that springs to mind. If you've already got a large selection to choose from though, you might not think that anything can really stand out and catch your eye.

Why settle for a simple, normal jewel though, when you can get something really special. We've got just the thing, with these gorgeous and specially cut, heart-shaped jewels.

Each one is a true work of art, mimicking some of the finest jewels on the planet. Luxurious sapphires, vibrant diamonds, alluring amethysts, there's something for any mood. Each jewel is made from high-quality acrylic and set attractively into the base of each plug. Can't decide which gemstone you love the most? Well, you could buy them all, or you can pick up one of our mixed sets, with each jewel being a different color so you pick and choose at your leisure.

Sometimes one particular jewel might be too big or too small for the occasion and making sure you have the perfect one can be a real chore. To help make things easier for you, we aren't just giving you one, but three! Each jewel is a different size, so you'll always have exactly what you need close to hand. With a variety to choose from, you'll always be equipped to look fabulous no matter how you feel.

Inserting these jewels is as much joy as simply looking at them, and will be one of the smoothest feelings you've felt in a long time. This is thanks to the high-quality stainless steel used, which is completely non-porous and smooth, and also helps hold the jewels perfectly in place. You'll also enjoy the solid feel of the hard metal against your skin, which really cranks things up to eleven!

Once you're wearing them, you'll surely want to show off these jewels! Taking things to the bedroom lets you let your partner in on your little secret. Your new jewels will surely get them fired up and ready for action. If things get really heated, you'll always have different sizes to hand for anything you might have planned!

While wearing your jewels is of course the best bit, anyone who wants to keep them looking nice will know that it takes a little care to keep everything dazzling. These jewels are simple to wipe down, needing a wipe with soapy water after use. Make sure to get right into any cracks as you don't want the edge of your jewel looking faded and dull.

To top it all off, our set of three jewels are a bargain, with some stores charging more just for one! Pick up a set today and let everyone see just how much you can shine!


Color: PLUG: Silver; JEWEL: Mix Colors, Violet, Red, Purple, Light Blue, White, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink
Material: PLUG: Stainless Steel
Length: PLUG: 2.8" (SMALL), 3.2" (MEDIUM), 3.8" (LARGE)
Width: PLUG: 1.1" (SMALL), 1.4" (MEDIUM), 1.6" (LARGE)

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