Fox Tail Plug, Light Brown 17"

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We all have a wild side, and nearly all of us can identify with a member of the animal kingdom in some way or another. For those of you who feel most at home roaming the plains and tundras with your other canine companions, we have something extra special for you!

This beautiful light brown fox tail will help you get in touch with your animal instincts by making you look and feel the part. With natural hues of darker brown mixed into the lighter fur, and gorgeous white tips, this tail is truly a work of art.

Whether you're roaming the wilds of the back garden or a nearby park, or scavenging the cupboards for your next snack. You'll feel right at home while wearing a fox tail with any outfit! To compliment the tail even further, try combining it with an outfit in white, blue, fuschia, or even yellow. These colors all work great with the browns of the tail, and can help you create your perfect fox-y outfit.

When it comes to putting it in, you'll be in for the smoothest ride yet with a completely metal surface which can easily slide wherever you need it to. With a fairly solid size, you won't feel stretched to your limit, nor like the tail will fall out. Everything should sit nicely and give you a comfortable experience while wearing your tail.

What should you do while wearing your lovely and luscious fox tail? Well that's completely up to you!

You could simply sit back and relax, feeling the soft fur on your legs while you go about your usual day's activities. But why not get a little more in character, and experience life from a fox's perspective? Try moving around your house, jumping up and down, crawling even! Get a real feel for how the tail moves with your body, and what it must be like to be one of these majestic animals.

When you take your brand new tail up to the bedroom, you're in for a whole world of adventure! It doesn't matter what you have planned for your partner, this tail is sure to take it do the next level.

 And if you're ready to take things to the next level, you could always wear your fox tail into the bedroom, if you catch our drift. *wink wink*

Bedroom roleplay while wearing this great fox tail will really get your motor going, and can give you a night to remember. Pick one up for your partner too, and the pair of you can experience some truly animalistic time together. You'll be like dogs on heat!

Then after a hard days foraging, your tail might need a little TLC to keep it as fluffy and loved as ever. Luckily, this isn't a chore, as you can simply pat down the tail with a damp cloth and leave it out to dry. Then give it a nice brush to get everything back to its fantastic original looks and you'll be ready for your next session. The metal parts are easily cleaned with warm, soapy water too! With this tail, you'll have to spend less time on cleaning and be free to spend much more time exploring your new animal life!

With all these fantastic selling points, you must be thinking that there is a catch somewhere, and it'll probably be in the price. We've got you covered there too! Our fox tails are some of the cheapest on the market, without compromising on quality. Enjoying your new canine lifestyle doesn't have to financial ruin your human one!


Plug: Silver

Tail: Light brown

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Metal



Handle: 15.75 in. - 16.54 in.

Plug: S: 2.95 in., M:3.35 in., L: 3.74 in.


Handle: NA

Plug: S: 1.10 in., m: 1.38 in., L: 1.61 in.

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