Fox Tail Plug, Brown 17"

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Our lovely light brown fox tail is one you don't want to miss out on! With its beautiful light browns mixed with dark and devious dark browns and completed with a white tip, it's a work of art to behold. This truly is one of the most authentic-looking fox tails available, and can really complete any wolf based outfit.

This tail isn't just for exterior appeal though, and when you wear it you'll be able to feel like the tail is really yours. Experience first-hand the joys of indulging in your animal fantasies and explore the wonderful world that foxes enjoy every day!

The fox is a fascinating animal, with members of the species being able to find everywhere on the planet but Antarctica! By far the most populous kind is the red fox, having forty-seven recognized sub-types! Our light brown fox tail is a great match for these gorgeous animals.

One of the best parts of using a fox tail is that you get to feel closer to these animals and experience some of what they might do on a day to day basis. Many people around the world associate themselves with an animal familiar, and foxes are a common choice. Their personalities are filled with unique and interesting characteristics, many of which us regular humans don't experience in our everyday lives.

Characteristics such as subtlety, stealthiness, and cunning are all a part of fox life that humans won't regularly experience. With this long flowing tail, you can truly embrace your fox-y side from the safety of your own home. Even by just feeling the tail move with your body as you crawl and jump around your house, you can feel closer to these animals than you've ever felt!

Putting one of these tails on couldn't be easier! Simply slide the metal part inside your body with plenty of lubrication, and hold it there with your muscles for as long as you want to. Your fox playtime will last for hours and hours with this comfortable and fashionable accessory!

With a total length of 17, you don't need to compromise in any way to enjoy the big, bushy fox tail. All this is available for an affordable price, and you won't find a tail with as much quality or flair for a price as good as this!


Tail: Brown

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Fox Fur

Plug: Stainless steel



handle: 16.5in-17.7in

plug: S: 2.95in, M: 3.35in, L: 3.74in


handle: N/A

plug: S: 1.10in, M: 1.38in, L: 1.61in

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