7" Multi Colored Glass Brown Fox Tail Plug

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Join the couples who have found their true match in our array of tail plugs here in foxyplugs! Maybe our 7" Multi Colored Glass Brown Fox Tail Plug is the toy you have been looking for!

This amazing device is made of premium quality glass to give you a different kind of experience as you smoothe this over your erogenous areas. Glass is very solid and has this weight that will feel heavenly when rubbed in between your legs! Aside from its innate beauty, glass is also very sturdy and appropriate for a good temperature play if that is your kink.

This device has a flared base to safely station the toy outside the anal canal so that even when the game gets friskier than expected, you have nothing to worry about. The base also holds a very elegant brown fox tail that will add a nice touch to your animalistic role-playing. You will have a good spanking as you bounce around with this toy in between your legs!

The ass has a good amount of nerves that can be stimulated to give you great sensations that will take you to the edge of climax. Through the use of our tail plugs, you can massage the deepest parts of the ass and open it up to make way for your lover’s dick for good anal sex.

The secret to a great anal stimulation is the proper way of placing the toy inside. For the first step, wash the toy as well as your hands to prevent harmful organism from harboring. Use a good amount of lubrication to make the insertion easier. Take on a comfortable position, preferably lying down on your back and then guide the toy inside your ass using your fingers. Don't forget to breathe as you feel the erotic heaviness take over you while the toy dips into your behind.

With all these amazing features, you have the perfect toy to play with. Grab it now and have the best backside fun!

Color Brown (tail), Black, Gold, Transparent, Green (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Glass
handle: 7 inches
plug: 3.94 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1 inch


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