11" Glass Brown Black Raccoon Tail Plug

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Reward your booty with sensual penetration with this 11" Glass Brown Black Raccoon Tail Plug! This tail butt plug slides in smoothly into your sexy backdoor, providing you with a sense of fullness while doing anal play.

Our 11" Brown Black Raccoon Tail Plug is made of two materials: glass and synthetic fur. The glass part is what you put inside your or your lover's ass. This glass-based plug has a smooth tapered end and a flared base. The narrow tip of the toy allows for easy insertion. The flared bottom, on the other hand, ensures safe anal play. It prevents the tail plug from getting lost into your anal canal. That way, you can still do different sexual positions while this thing is in your butt. As for the synthetic fur, this part can stimulate your lover's libido and imagination because who wouldn't get aroused when you see your partner wearing nothing but this toy? Exactly!

The 11" Brown Black Raccoon Tail Plug is made specifically to be a libido and sexual booster! The faux raccoon tail will titillate you as it brushes against your butt cheeks while you crawl towards your lover. The sensations brought by this synthetic raccoon tail will stimulate your nerves, which enhances your sensuality.

This tail plug is intended for spicing things up in your bedroom. However, you can also wear it as part of your fetish costume! Shove it up to your sexy backdoor and pair it with a cute raccoon ear headband to complete your animalistic look. We guarantee that all eyes will be on you as you wear this plug at a kinky costume party!

Our 11" Glass Brown Black Raccoon Tail Plug is sure to level up your sex life. Grab one now and make your nights more exciting!

Color Brown+Black (tail), Black, Green, Gold, Transparent (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Glass
handle: 10.63 inches
plug: 3.94 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.42 inches

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