3" Silicone Brown Bunny Tail Plug

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We can’t always be playful and naughty, but if you’re lucky enough to have found a partner who allows you to be both, then you’d love having our 3" Silicone Brown Bunny Tail Plug in your collection of anal sex toys.

Made of premium quality silicone, this 3” Brown Bunny Tail Plug sports a spade-shaped butt plug with dimensions about 2.76" x 1.10" The lush bunny tail that’s made of soft synthetic fur is approximately 3.5 inches wide and comes in many different vibrant colors like khaki, deep purple, red, white, light purple, and pink. And the best part? All varieties are sold at unbeatable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill your love bunny fantasies now!

Whether you’re just getting started on butt plugs or you’re an anal sex connoisseur, our 3" Silicone Brown Bunny Tail Plug will delight you no end with its non-porous and smooth material, solid construction, and easy-to-clean surface. You can spend hours with this toy firmly lodged in your butt as often as you like and it will keep looking good and safe to use for many years to come. Just make sure to wash it with antibacterial soap and water before and after each use to keep things sanitary and oh, please don’t share.

These naughty little babies are priced to sell, so if you have friends who are just raring to get it on with anal play, go ahead and get them this 3" Silicone Brown Bunny Tail Plug. They’ll love you more for it!

Take back the reins of your waning sex life and indulge yourself with our 3" Silicone Brown Bunny Tail Plug. Keeping things hot and steamy in the sack is no rocket science with this sexy little number. We guarantee discreet shipping of all orders, so nothing will stop you from indulging yourself in unlimited carnal pleasure. Order one now!

Color khaki, deep purple, red, white, light purple and pink (tail); black, purple, pink (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 3.54 inches
plug: 2.76 inches
handle: 3.54 inches
plug: 1.06 inches


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