14" Stainless Steel Light Pink Furry Tail Plug

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The lush color of the tail of our 14" Stainless Steel Light Pink Furry Tail Plug will tantalize anyone who sees it. Pink is the color of innocence, and with this toy, you will have a great bedroom game with a little touch of charm in between your legs.

This sex toy comes with a stainless steel plug that will give your ass that smooth insert as well as that pleasurable heaviness you have been looking for. Steel is the ideal material for you to smoothen around the genitals and to all sensitive areas of the body as it is smooth and very appropriate for some sensual foreplay. The plug of this model has a length of 2.72 inches and a width of 1.06 inches, a perfect measure to give your ass that much-needed massage but with just enough dimension for an easy insert.

This toy is designed to caress your ass in the safest way possible because it has a flared base to act as a stopper to make sure the toy does not go up the anal canal even when sex becomes wild.

The base also holds a very eye-catching fury tail to add that much-needed kinky boost to your animal role-playing. Drive your partner wild with pure desire as you dance in pure lust with this behind your legs.

Giving your ass some lovin' is not just for the young, but more for couples who like to reconnect and give their usual bed game a boost. Exploring different positions with this toy will make you communicate with your partner well and, in the process, will make you listen and speak up more.

Don't forget to wash the toy before and after each use. Dry thoroughly before storing in a storage away from direct sunlight.

Unleash your inner sexy vixen. Grab this magnificent toy now!

Color Silver (plug), light pink (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 13.82 in.
plug: 2.72 in.
handle: N/A
plug: 1.06 in.

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