16" Stainless Steel Furry Tail Plug

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Animal-inspired products are too charming to pass on! From clothing, stuffed-toys, wallpapers, and handbags - they are taking the world by storm! Because of this phenomenon, we've made the 16" Stainless Steel Furry Tail Plug especially for you! It is not only adorable, but it's also replete with benefits to offer for both men and women.

This anal toy is available in three separate sizes, measuring 2.95 x 1.10 inches for Small, 3.35 x 1.38 inches for Medium, and 3.74 x 1.61 inches for Large. The teardrop-shaped butt plug is made of non-toxic stainless steel that is safe to use. At one end, a fluffy, luxe sixteen-inch wine red synthetic tail is attached for irresistible, exotic appeal. With this hanging from your bum, you'll be able to lure your sexual prey to your den for an all-night-long booty.

Furthermore, stainless steel is excellent for sex toys because it is non-porous, which means it's easy to clean. The smooth surface doesn't allow any bacteria to breed as well. It is ideal for beginners because of its modest shape and size, plus the artificial tail aids in worry-free retrieval after use. The flared base also makes your kinky play safe and worry-free.

The 16" Stainless Steel Furry Tail Plug is capable of temperature play for an added surprise inside you. Just dip the metal plug in either hot or cold water. We'll save the details of the rest of the experience for you to describe!

To clean and maintain this sex toy, just wash it using a fragrance-free soap and rinse with tap water. To use it, lay flat on your back, play with your anus using your finger, then apply a generous amount of lube to the metal plug. Now, slowly replace your finger with the metal plug's tip and gently push it inside. You know what to do next! So, hit that "Buy" button and have fun with this toy!

Color Wine Red (tail), Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 15.75- 16.53inches
plug: Small: 2.95 in., Medium: 3.35 in., Large: 3.74 in.
handle: N/A
plug: Small: 1.10 in., Medium: 1.38 in., Large: 1.61 in.

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