Gold Glass Furry Tail Plug

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Some say that being a beast in your bedroom is outrageous, and you should stick to slow and sensual lovemaking. Luckily, you know that they don't understand the pleasures of transforming into something naughty and becoming something that's even more desirable to your partner's eyes. We know exactly how you feel. That's why our Gold Glass Furry Tail Plug is here to witness every moment of your bedroom adventures and enhance that moment to make it fun and unforgettable!

The good thing about this fur tail is that we don't really associate it to any type of animal. So it's up to you and your imagination to assign your own animal and be whatever you want to be! The tail is made from high-quality faux fur material that's so soft and plush it's almost real! Whether you want to be a cat, a fox, or even a raccoon, it's possible with this fur tail! Like any other animal tails with length, it's completely manipulative and will sway and dance along with every movement from your behind. It's a good way to entice your man and keep him interested during foreplay or when he's starting to get bored.

Ask your lover how the tail stays in place to make him wonder, then turn him on even more once he finds out the answer! The butt plug is made from high-quality glass material, all in its golden glory. Unlike the usual teardrop plugs, this one features a tapered shape that starts small at the tip and gradually increases in girth as you move further. Tapered plugs focus on the length rather than the girth, and that is what you prefer.

Show your significant other that you can completely turn the mood in the bedroom around with our Gold Glass Furry Tail Plug!

Color Gold, Brown+black
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Glass
handle: N/A
plug: 3.94 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 0.98 inch


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