Black Glass Furry Tail Plug

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Hitting animals is considered cruelty, but when it comes to sex, it's a different story! When you wear this Black Glass Furry Tail Plug and play the part of a furry submissive animal, you simply want your dom to hit and grind you as hard as possible!

Butt plugs or anal plugs are used to electrify the sleeping sensitive nerve endings found in the anus. These are widely used for foreplay, masturbation, and for women, it can also be used while having sex. This Black Glass Furry Tail Plug can enhance the sensation felt and at the same time titivate your ass with its soft, flowing tail. The plug that comes with this is made of glass, which is a great material if you also want to do temperature play. If you'd like to insert the plug warm, you can dip it in warm water before insertion. Likewise, if you'd like it cold, you can place it inside a container with ice-cold water minutes before playing with it. And because glass is non-porous, you can rest assured that it is safe for use and no harmful bacteria can thrive in it. The plug measure 3.94 inches long with a diameter of 0.98 inch. On the other hand, the tail is made of synthetic fur and is very smooth and fluffy.

To properly sanitize the plug before use, you can put it (plug only) in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then set it aside to cool down. Lather a generous amount of lubricant on both the plug and in the butthole because the anus cannot lubricate naturally. This part should always be kept in mind. Stay calm as you gently insert the tapered tip and make sure that the plug is securely fitted inside your butthole before letting it go. Get crazy and even put a pair of wolf tail ears on your head to match this tail. You can even howl, stick your tongue out, and whimper to make the experience more realistic.

Experience a night of animalistic pleasure. Add this tail plug into your cart now!

Color Black, Black+brown
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Glass
handle: N/A
plug: 3.94 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 0.98 inch


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