14" Stainless Steel Dark Pink Furry Tail Plug

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A woman who dons herself with a red outfit is sexy; what more if she wears this 14" Stainless Steel Dark Pink Furry Tail Plug? Guys would probably drool over her look!

Our 14" Dark Pink Furry Tail Plug is the only thing you need to grab your lover's attention. This furry tail butt plug can make your ass irresistibly alluring because of its dark pink color. Who wouldn't want to touch your sexy bum if your nates were as good as this? Exactly!

It is made of two premium materials: stainless steel for the butt plug and synthetic fur for the tail. This combo can make your sex life more fun and thrilling without compromising your comfort and safety! The stainless steel butt plug can enhance your senses, especially when you incorporate temperature play into your erotic game. The heat or cold brought by this material can reawaken the nerves inside your love bum, making you feel everything that your lover does to your body. Additionally, this material ensures long-lasting usage. Stainless steel is one of the best types of metal as it is not susceptible to corrosion. So, even if it gets wet, you are guaranteed that your butt plug will keep its excellent shape.

As for the synthetic fur, this material can spice things up in bed! It can instill wild and erotic imagination as you put the plug between those voluptuous butt cheeks. Furthermore, this synthetic tail can enhance your sex drive as you feel its fluffy and soft texture brushing against your ass. There are many ways to use this tail plug. Wear it at a kinky costume party and let everyone admire your salacious butt! If you're a private person, you can just wear it at home and seduce your lover with your alluring look.

For these reasons, this tail butt plug is a must-have addition to your sex toy collection. What are you waiting for? Buy this 14" Stainless Steel Dark Pink Furry Tail Plug now!

Color Silver (plug), Dark pink (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless steel
handle: 13.82 inches
plug: 2.72 in.
handle: N/A
plug: 1.06 in.

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