14" White Cat Tail Plug

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Are you already bored having sex with the same person over and over again? You don't like to ditch your partner? Then, don't lose hope! This 14" White Cat Tail Plug can re-establish the sexual appetite between you and your partner. This sex toy exists to put your game face on and reignite the fire in  bed. While most couples assume that anal toys are only for the bold and courageous, anyone can enjoy them and achieve pure sexual bliss.

The design of this cat's tail is so badass that wearing it will make you look like a Playboy bunny... or a pussy cat. That being said, the artificial tail measures 13.78 inches long and has a width of 2.76 inches. It is connected to a metal anal plug that is hypoallergenic and 100% non-toxic. The anal plug which measures 3.15 inches in height and 1.34 inches in diameter makes effortless anal insertion when you apply a generous amount of a water-based lubricant.

It's essential to clean this sex toy before and after use. To clean the synthetic tail, apply baby shampoo, and massage it gently. On the other hand, use any regular household soap to wash the butt plug. Hang it to air dry or use a hairdryer on low heat. Once dry, store in a place away from high temperature and humidity.

Last but not least, we'll ship this 14" White Cat Tail Plug toy in discreet packaging because we value your privacy. First, the shipping label will not disclose what's inside the package. Next, it won't contain any branding. A vague description like "accessory" will be written on the packaging. Finally, we use an alias in our transaction so your credit card statement is safe from prying eyes. That being said, don't hesitate any longer. Buy now and have fun!

Color Silver (plug), White (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 13.78 inches
plug: 3.15 inches
handle: 2.76 inches
plug: 1.34 inches

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