8" Tail Black Dog Silicone Plug

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Most sex toys nowadays have complicated designs and are confusing. Luckily, foxyplugs offers quality sex toy products that are easy and convenient to use. One great example of such is this dog-inspired silicone tail plug. This 8" Tail Black Dog Silicone Plug has a straightforward design and coloration that most will appreciate. Apart from that, it’s entirely made of silicone which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Unlike similar products on the market, this one doesn’t have a fluffy handle. Instead, it boasts a long silicone one which is extremely flexible. Tail up when you're in a good mood, down when you're not, making it ideal for puppy play. As expected, the plug is also made of silicone. At 2.91 inches long and 1.38 inches wide, it can fit into the butt hole of any user. Nevertheless, one must always remember to take certain steps when using the tool to avoid getting hurt.

Because silicone is smooth, porous, and soft, it is perfect for newbies. Coat it with a lubricant specifically formulated for silicone anal toys for a guaranteed pleasurable insertion. Remember that silicone-based lubricants will damage the toys' integrity. First-timers are generally advised to slowly and gently massage their ass before inserting the plug. Once it's inside, you're ready to play the role of a cute puppy! During your pet play, you can either be rewarded or punished depending on how you behave. If you'd like some spanking, then be a rambunctious, naughty puppy. It's all up to you!

Washing this toy is not difficult at all, thanks to its material. Following use, you may wash it using soap and water. Sterilizing it in boiling water for two to three minutes is also possible as high-quality silicone can withstand heat.

Now that you know all about this amazing tail plug, what’s keeping you? Surprise both yourself and your partner with it. Do not be afraid to explore and try new things. After all, there’s nothing to lose in trying something new. Buy now!

Color Black
Material Handle: Silicone
Plug: Silicone
Length handle: 8.26 inches
plug: 2.9 1inches
Width handle: N/A
plug: 1.38 inches


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