11" Dog Tail Silicone Plug

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Society once considered anal sex a taboo. However, the changing views of people regarding the matter have led to the inception of new things. In fact, tail plugs which come in hundreds of varieties are openly sold nowadays. Our 11" Dog Tail Silicone Plug offers the best anal stimulation you could ever have. And, to delight you more, it comes in three silicone plug designs that are utterly unique and satisfying. Each variant also comes in a size which differs from the others.

The plug designs may be considered by many as unique and exquisite. The small-sized plug features a hollow core, making it easy to shrink during insertion. Medium-sized one features a plug with two flaps that are merged during insertion and opens up once it's inside. The large-sized plug boasts three flaps that are also merged during insertion and gives fullness when the petals open inside.

Newbies are encouraged to train their butts with the small-sized variant. Broaden your horizon as you gain more experience in anal stimulation and choose the larger variants. The non-porous, smooth, and flexible nature of silicone makes it ideal for all types of users.

Using the tail plug is simple but you need to consider a few things to make the experience pleasurable, comfortable, and safe. Before insertion, lube up. When it comes to lubing, be generous as your love bum doesn't self-lubricate. Coat the plug with lube and don't forget to tease your ass with one or two lubed fingers. Your partner can do the teasing part to make it worthwhile. When you're completely turned on, slowly slide the plug inside. Once that’s all done, you turn into a cute puppy, ready to please the master!

If you plan on living out your doggie fantasies in the bedroom, don’t wait. Purchase these plugs now so you start your puppy play soon!

Color Black
Material Handle: Silicone
Plug: Silicone
Length handle: 7.87 inches
plug: S: 3.93 inches, M: 3.15 inches, L: 3.54 inches
Width handle: N/A
plug: S: 1.18 inches, M: 2.95 inches, L: N/A 


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