Multi Size Stainless Silicone White Bunny Tail Plug

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Anal intercourse was once socially unacceptable before. However, nowadays, people do it regularly as people become brazen to go beyond their limits. Consequently, new kinds of adult toys like tail plugs have been developed to meet the demands of consumers who desire for more sexual excitement.

People who chose to use them often do so to spice things up in the bedroom. Nonetheless, others also use sex toys as a tool to explore the limits of what they can do with their companion.

If you're looking to purchase some tail plugs, why not opt for the Multi Size Stainless Silicone White Bunny Tail Plug? You can choose from a variety of plug designs, all boasting a tail which is round and soft. The plug comes in different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. As such, it's possible for you to get the ideal piece that would perfectly suit your needs or that of your partner's. With so many variants to choose from, you'll certainly find the one that's right for you and your partner.

Using this instrument of pleasure is easy. Simply coat the plug with your choice of lube and gently insert it inside the anus. Remember that silicone-based lube will damage a silicone plug. Also, always remember to clean the toy right before and after use. The plug has to be thoroughly washed as it will be inserted into the rectum. Use anti-bacterial soap and warm water to clean it, then rinse well. As for the tailpiece, it needs shampooing from time to time to stay fresh and clean. Hang it to dry or use a hairdryer at a low setting.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your sex life to a whole new level. Give in to your curiosity and don't let your inhibitions stop you from trying something new. Let all of your imaginations come true and get your hands on it as soon as possible!

Color White (tail), Pink, Black, Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel, Silicone
handle: N/A
plug: A Small: 2.7 inches, A Medium: 3.1 inches, A Big: 3.5 inches,
B Small: 2.7 inches, B Medium: 3.1 inches, B Big: 3.5 inches,
C Small: 2.7 inches: C Medium: 3.1 inches, C Big: 3.5 Inches,
D Small: 2.7 inches, D Medium: 3.1 inches, D Big 3.5 inches,
E Small: 2.9 inches, E Medium: 9.5 inches, E Big: 2.9 inches,
F Novice: 2.9 inches,
G Novice: 2.9 inches,
H Novice: 2.9 inches,
J Veteran: 4.5 inches,
K Veteran: 4.1 inches
handle: N/A
plug: A Small: 1.1 inches, A Medium: 1.3 inches, A Big: 1.5 inches,
B Small: 1.1 inches, B Medium: 1.3 inches, B Big: 1.5 inches,
C Small: 1.1 inches: C Medium: 1.3 inches, C Big: 1.5 Inches,
D Small: 1.1 inches, D Medium: 1.3 inches, D Big: 1.5 inches,
E Small: top 1.1 inches, bottom: 0.8 inches, E Medium: top 1.3 inches, bottom: 1 inch, E Big: top 1.5 inches, bottom: 1.1 inches,
F Novice: top 0.6, bottom: 1.1 inches,
G Novice: top 0.6 inches, middle 0.8 inches, bottom 3.5 inches,
H Novice: 1.1 inches, J Veteran: 1.1 inches,
K Veteran: top 0.6 inches, bottom 1.1 inches

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