Multi Size Stainless Silicone Gray Bunny Tail Plug

  • $30.99
  • Save $22

Tail plugs are perfect for people who love pet play and those who desire to train their ass for bigger toys in an exciting way. We at foxyplugs are committed to providing only the best tail plugs like this one which comes in a wide variety of plug shapes and sizes. Boasting a fluffy bunny tail, this sex toy is made specifically for your sensational pleasure.

Feast your eyes on the vast selection of variants as there are many plug designs to choose from. Some of which are suited for newbies while others are tailor-made for experienced butt plug users.

As a tip, it’s best to get one whose plug is made of silicone if you're a beginner. Unlike metal, silicone is flexible and conforms to your natural body contour. Even experienced users like the comfort of a silicone plug. Seasoned users can also opt for metal plugs that are rigid and tough. If anything, they’re great for temperature play.

Using the Multi Size Stainless Silicone Gray Bunny Tail Plug isn’t difficult at all. Nevertheless, you must remind yourself of a few basic guidelines. First, coat the plug with a lubricant specially formulated for anal toys. While a stainless steel plug is compatible with water, oil, and silicone-based lube, silicone plugs are damaged when used with a silicone-based lubricant. Lube your ass as well for a more comfortable, more pleasurable insertion. Once in, it's time for bunny to play flirtatiously!

The plug should be washed before use, and ever forget to clean the plug immediately after your anal session. Remember that the anus almost always harbors bacteria which may cause problems. Hence, it’s a must to thoroughly clean the silicone or stainless steel plug with anti-bacterial soap and water. To keep the tailpiece fresh and clean, shampoo it; then, use a hairdryer on low heat to dry it.

Don't hesitate and get yourself and your partner this Multi Size Stainless Silicone Gray Bunny Tail Plug! It's high time to reinvigorate your sex life!

Color Grey (tail), Silver, Pink, Black (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: N/A
plug: A Small: 2.7 inches, A Medium: 3.1 inches, A Big: 3.5 inches,
B Small: 2.7 inches, B Medium: 3.1 inches, B Big: 3.5 inches,
C Small: 2.7 inches: C Medium: 3.1 inches, C Big: 3.5 Inches,
D Small: 2.7 inches, D Medium: 3.1 inches, D Big 3.5 inches,
E Small: 2.9 inches, E Medium: 9.5 inches, E Big: 2.9 inches,
F Novice: 2.9 inches,
G Novice: 2.9 inches,
H Novice: 2.9 inches,
J Veteran: 4.5 inches,
K Veteran: 4.1 inches
handle: N/A
plug: A Small: 1.10 inches, A Medium: 1.34 inches, A Big: 1.57 inches,
B Small:1.10 inches, B Medium:1.34 inches, B Big: 1.57 inches,
C Small: 1.10 inches: C Medium: 1.34 inches, C Big: 1.57 Inches,
D Small: 1.10 inches, D Medium: 1.34 inches, D Big 1.57 inches,
E Small: 1.10 inches, E Medium: 1.34 inches, E Big: 1.57 inches,
F Novice: 0.67 and 1.14 inches,
G Novice: 0.63, 0.87, and 1.14 inches,
H Novice: 1.10 inches,
J Veteran: 1.14 inches,
K Veteran: 0.67, 1.14 inches

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