2" Golden Metal Variety of colors Bunny Tail Plug

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Indulge your rectal senses as you take pleasure in a sensual and subtle direction with the 2" Golden Metal Variety of colors Bunny Tail Plug. This toy not only produces the bone-clenching orgasm you desire, but it also stimulates your sexual appetite until you crave for so much more. This sex toy is one of the few devices you can use for long-term wear.

This sex toy can be used during your solo play or with a partner. The plug is made of high-quality stainless steel that is hypoallergenic and body-safe. The golden metal plug takes the shape of a teardrop which guarantees a tantric experience for its user. The aesthetic of this toy consists of a fur that resembles a bunny tail. It is available in four color varieties to match its user's personality.

Long-time couples are frequently faced with sexual challenges. The excitement slowly disappears until it ultimately becomes mundane. Luckily, you can turn around your sex life and re-ignite it by trying something new, something adventurous! While this idea might be absurd to some, it wouldn't hurt to try. All the more reason if it can save a relationship.

Male users are also up for a treat as this sex toy is effective in stimulating the prostate. Now, don't get intimidated with this sex toy. Just use a generous amount of lube before gently pushing it inside your anus. For an additional sensation, you can submerge it in hot or cold water for a thrilling temperature play!

To maintain this device's cleanliness, just wash the plug with antibacterial soap and clean water before and after use. Use a soft towel to dry or use the help of a hairdryer in the lowest setting.

Experience a whole new range of exciting and exhilarating sensations! Order the 2" Golden Metal Variety of colors Bunny Tail Plug today and unfold yourself into a tantric experience!

Color Pink, White, Dark Purple, Purple (tail), Gold (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 2.36 inches
plug: 2.17 inches
handle: 3.15 inches
plug: 1.10 inches


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