Cosplay Set With Ears and Tail Plug

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Bring out the inner white fox in your lover. Howl with pleasure and get seriously wild with these kinky accessories. A set that comes with a furry tail plug, a headband with fluffy ears, a pair of nipple clamps, and tied hands and feet, the Cosplay Set With Ears and Tail Plug will kick up your roleplay fantasies to “epic” status.

The tail plug has a long fluffy tail and a butt plug that tapers at its tip. The long foxtail enhances your partner’s foxy look as it sways at the back area. It also enhances the sensation as it brushes against her sexy butt cheeks while she walks or crawls towards you—her Master. Its tapered end—on the other hand—allows for easy penetration as you shove it deep into her ass. Then there’s the headband. This accessory completes the ensemble, turning your girl into a real foxy lady.

Ready to transform your lover into a sexy wild beast? Don’t forget to lube up the plug first! Use any lube that you have since the butt plug is made of metal. When it’s all lubed up, gently push the anal plug into her ass. Put the headband on her head, and voila! You now have a beast that you can bang.

If your vixen is acting against your will, you can discipline her using the included tied hands and feet. Put them on her wrists and ankles to limit her movements. Then get her down on all fours and spank her voluptuous booty. For added thrills and delight, put the clamps on her tits. Doing so will make her howl with wolf pleasure—and learn her lesson, of course!
When the scene is over, clean them up with warm, soapy water and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Also, blow-dry and brush the fur to keep its fluffy look and texture.

Let your lady’s inner wild vixen come out with this Cosplay Set With Ears and Tail Plug. Order now!

Color/Type White
Material Metal
Faux Fur
Dimension Length: 31.5 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A


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