Jewel Plug Set, 3 Piece Set

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As every Princess knows, it's a lot of work to look fabulous all of the time. A lot of time goes into making sure those outfits all look fabulous, and that the tiara matches perfectly. Why stop at just what people can see though? Every true Princess wants to look amazing from any angle, including when the dress comes off! So why not complete your outfit with this lovely set of jewels.

Unlike metal products that are a lot harder and can be less enjoyable to wear for long periods of time, these silicone jewels will are much softer. Silicone feels great to the touch, and is comfortable to wear, so no matter how many royal engagements you have packed into a day, you can always keep a hidden gem with you to feel great.

Each of these high-quality pieces is made from black, medical-grade silicone, with a beautiful gemstone inset into the base. These come in a high-quality acrylic, so they look just as good as the real thing, and are available in a lovely blue, pink and purple. If you don't fancy a mixture, both blue and pink are available as a three-pack, so you can have all three in your favourite colour!

Each jewel is set into a differently sized silicone piece, each slightly larger than the last. With three sizes to choose from, you'll be able to add a little dazzle to your day no matter how up to it you feel. The smallest will keep you shining even on a lazy day, while the largest can really turn things up if you're feeling like a Princess who needs an adventure.

Thanks to the high-quality silicone, putting your jewels on is a complete breeze. This smooth material feels almost as nice on your skin as a human touch. Unlike the cold feel of metal on your body, this silicone will feel simply divine.

Once you've put them on, you can go about all your normal engagements with ease, as these jewels won't be uncomfortable to wear. When you're done for the day and ready to kick back in your Palace, they will still be just as fun to wear. Let your Prince take a little peek, and before you know it he'll have whisked you off your feet for a closer look. Keeping them on between the sheets can feel amazing, and really amplify anything you and your Prince get up to!

Once you're finished wearing them, you'll need to get your waiting staff to make sure they stay in perfect shape. Luckily for them, this is a breeze, only needing a wipe off with warm, soapy water. This leaves them more time to attend to your every whim, rather than taking care of menial tasks!

The only thing not fit for a Princess about this set of jewels is the price! This set is a complete steal, and some individual products are more. You effectively buy one and get two free!

So what are you waiting for? Everyone deserves to feel like a Princess, especially you!

Color: PLUG: Black; JEWEL: Light Blue, Pink, Purple
Material: PLUG: Silicone; JEWEL: Acrylic Crystal
Length: PLUG: 2.95" (SMALL), 3.35" (MEDIUM), 3.74" (LARGE)
Width: PLUG: 1.1" (SMALL), 1.3" (MEDIUM), 1.57" (LARGE)

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