Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug - Various Types Available

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Mix things up with your furry fun with our Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug!

Our Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug features a variety of plugs attached to a grey wolf tail. The plugs are available in many forms to fit your desire. Each one has a unique design to cater to your anal needs. All of the plugs have a tapered tip to allow easy insertion. The colors vary between pink, silver, and black. The wolf tail has a uniform design with different plugs. It has a combination of black and gray stripes. Any of the plugs will turn you into a sexy wolf!

Made only with the best materials, the transformation gets better with our Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug! The plugs are made of silicone, stainless steel, or frosted metal. Each material undergoes several quality tests. This will make sure you are safe from harmful chemicals such as dioxin, BPA, and latex. On the other hand, the tail is made with high-quality faux fur to give you a genuine feeling. You can safely play around in bed without worry!

You can unleash your desires with our Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug! To make the most of the experience, you can apply a hefty amount of water-based lubricant. This will allow you to insert it easily and smoothly. You can also put one or two fingers inside before putting it in to prepare your hole. You're in for an ecstatic experience with your partner until you're both fully satisfied! Once you're both finished, you can pull out the plug easily by using the tail. After removing the plug, you can wash it with water and mild soap, and dry it. You can keep it in a safe, dry place until the next session!

Satisfy your anal craving with your very own Black Tip Grey Wolf Plug with Various Types Available!

Color Pink, Black, Silver, Brown
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone/Stainless steel
handle: 14 in
plug: A, B, C, D: Small: 2.8 in, Medium: 3.1 in, Large: 3.5 in E: Small: 3.0 in, Medium: 3.7 in, Large: 4.1 in F, G, H: 3.0 in I: 4.0 in J: 4.5 in K: 4.1 in
handle: N/A
plug: A, B, C, D: Small: 1.1 in, Medium: 1.3 in, Large: 1.6 in E: Small: 1.0 in, Medium: 1.3 in, Large: 1.5 in F, G, H: 1.1 in I: 1.4 in J: 1.1 in K: 1.1 in


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