31" Stainless & Silicone White and Green Tail Plug

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Who says you can't be fashionable when you make love? Of course, you can! Prepare to look high-fashion when you put on your birthday suit along with this 31" Stainless & Silicone White and Green Tail Plug! This sex toy is an absolute head-turner. Your man will have his eyes fixed on you — and your ass!

You can choose from a range of different versions and sizes of this haute couture designed sex toy. There are several options of stainless steel and silicone anal plugs to suit your taste. One variant even comes with a vibrator! Sex toy engineers all delicately designed them using high-quality and medical-grade materials that they personally hand-picked. The premium stainless steel and silicone set this product apart from all others in the market.

The white synthetic fur with a touch of green is intricately made to resemble an animal's tail. Each strand of the tailpiece is created meticulously to last a lifetime. Measuring approximately 31 inches in length, this tail will surely serve you many purposes when you want to tease your partner. Choose the size and material according to your level of experience or preference for an enjoyable play.

To prevent this sex toy from accumulating stains, foul odor, and germs, simply wash the metal device with an ordinary liquid soap while you use baby shampoo in lathering the tailpiece. Massage the fur delicately then rinse with running water. Leave the anal toy to air dry or use a hairdryer on low heat. Store in a clean container in room temperature.

We'll ship this product discreetly so you could purchase from our store with confidence. The shipping label won't contain the product name and will only have a vague description.

So, get ready to turn on your darling soon. Prepare some candles and romantic music, too. Now, call your honey and show him what you've got... or the clothes that you don't have. Nevertheless, show off your tail plug and enjoy the rest of what will follow! Buy now!

Color White+green (tail); Silver, Black, Pink, Flesh (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel, Silicone
handle: 31.50 inches
plug: A Small Pink: 2.76 inches; B Medium Pink: 3.15 inches; C Big Pink: 3.54 inches;
B Small: 2.76 inches; B Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
C Small: 2.76 inches; C Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
D Small: 2.76 inches; D Medium: 3.15 inches; D Big: 3.54 inches;
E Small: 2.95 inches; E Medium: 3.74 inches; E Big: 4.13 inches;
F Novice: 2.95 inches;
G Novice: 2.95 inches;
H Novice: 2.95 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 3.94 inches;
J Veteran: 4.53 inches;
K Veteran: 4.13 inches
handle: N/A 
plug: A Small Pink: 1.10 inches; A Medium Pink: 1.34 inches; A Big Pink: 1.57 inches;
B Small: 1.10 inches; B Medium: 1.34 inches; B Big: 1.57 inches;
C Small: 1.10 inches; C Medium: 1.34 inches; C Big: 1.57 inches;
D Small: 1.10 inches; D Medium: 1.34 inches; D Big: 1.57 inches;
E Small: 1.10 inches (head), 0.83 inches (ribbed neck); E Medium: 1.34 inches (head), 1.02 inches (ribbed neck); E Big: 1.50 inches (head), 1.10 inches (ribbed neck);
F Novice: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom);
G Novice: 0.63 inches (top), 0.87 inches (middle), 1.14 inches (bottom);
H Novice: 1.10 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 1.42 inches;
J Veteran: 1.14 inches;
K Veteran: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom)


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