31" Stainless & Silicone White and Brown Tail Plug

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Unleash your wild and naughty side by wearing this 31" Stainless & Silicone White and Brown Tail Plug! This long tail anal toy can make your pet play fantasy come true.

Our 31" Stainless & Silicone Tail Plug features a white tail with a touch of light brown towards its end. It is made from synthetic fur, which means no animal has been harmed while producing this toy. Though it is fake, the tailpiece is as soft and as fluffy as the real one, making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

Our 31" White and Brown Tail Plug is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These options are made to ensure that everyone gets the right butt plug for maximum enjoyment and pleasure. So, regardless of your level of expertise or experience, you'll find the most suitable plug for your bum's delight.

We have the most popular design of butt plugs which is the teardrop-shaped ones. These plugs are either made of silicone or stainless steel, both of which ensure durability. Furthermore, these toys have a smooth and seamless finish for easy insertion. In addition to that, we also offer stainless-steel butt plugs with ribbed designs. The ripples of these badass toys provide different levels of erotic bliss as they go deeper into your anal canal. Then, there is our vibrating silicone tail butt plug. This toy creates a subtle vibration inside your nates, which leads to a better orgasm. Lastly, we give you these uniquely shaped butt plugs to please you more.

With all these remarkable designs, it's all up to you what tail plug you are going to get. But regardless of your choice, our 31" Stainless & Silicone White and Brown Tail Plug has one goal - to give you a fun and exciting night you will never forget!

Color White with light brown (tail), Black, Pink, Silver, Flesh (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone, Stainless Steel
handle: 31.50 inches
plug: A Small Pink: 2.76 inches; B Medium Pink: 3.15 inches; C Big Pink: 3.54 inches;
B Small: 2.76 inches; B Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
C Small: 2.76 inches; C Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
D Small: 2.76 inches; D Medium: 3.15 inches; D Big: 3.54 inches;
E Small: 2.95 inches; E Medium: 3.74 inches; E Big: 4.13 inches;
F Novice: 2.95 inches;
G Novice: 2.95 inches;
H Novice: 2.95 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 3.94 inches;
J Veteran: 4.53 inches;
K Veteran: 4.13 inches
handle: N/A
plug: A Small Pink: 1.10 inches; A Medium Pink: 1.34 inches; A Big Pink: 1.57 inches;
B Small: 1.10 inches; B Medium: 1.34 inches; B Big: 1.57 inches;
C Small: 1.10 inches; C Medium: 1.34 inches; C Big: 1.57 inches;
D Small: 1.10 inches; D Medium: 1.34 inches; D Big: 1.57 inches;
E Small: 1.10 inches (head), 0.83 inches (ribbed neck); E Medium: 1.34 inches (head), 1.02 inches (ribbed neck); E Big: 1.50 inches (head), 1.10 inches (ribbed neck);
F Novice: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom);
G Novice: 0.63 inches (top), 0.87 inches (middle), 1.14 inches (bottom);
H Novice: 1.10 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 1.42 inches;
J Veteran: 1.14 inches;
K Veteran: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom)


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