31" Stainless & Silicone Red and White Tail Plug

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Embark on a fairy tail bliss as you put on the 31" Stainless & Silicone Red and White Tail Plug! You won't have to think twice about this product because you won't regret it. Men and women are going nuts about the benefits and sensations it can offer. Plus, men could enjoy the tantric sensations it can create not only in their anus but also to their prostate!

This animal-inspired sex toy is available in different variants and sizes. You can choose between stainless steel and silicone plugs. Or, if you desire a plug that vibrates to shake you up for more pleasure, we got that covered, too! All designs are carefully engineered from premium medical-grade stainless steel and silicone materials. The red synthetic fur is aesthetically made to resemble an animal's tail. It measures approximately 31 inches and has a radiant white tip. The anal plug dimensions vary to suit a range of levels of experience, styles, and preferences, so make sure to check the sizes below.

The 31" Stainless & Silicone Red and White Tail Plug is specifically made to titillate the most erotic spots of the anus, that's why keeping it clean is essential to maintain a hygienic and safe usage at all times. You can use regular liquid soap to wash the metal plug while you can use baby shampoo to lather the tailpiece. Rinse thoroughly in running water, then leave it to air dry. A hairdryer on mild settings can dry the tail much faster.

Lastly, you'd be delighted that your privacy won't be compromised. We'll deliver this sex toy in discreet packaging. At the same time, we use an alias in our transaction, so your purchase remains incognito in your bank statement.

Seriously, you'll have a great time with this toy during sex or even a solo session! Don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself! It's selling out real fast, so hurry and grab yours today!

Color Red+White (tail); Silver, Black, Pink, Flesh (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel, Silicone
handle: 31.50 inches
plug: A Small Pink: 2.76 inches; B Medium Pink: 3.15 inches; C Big Pink: 3.54 inches;
B Small: 2.76 inches; B Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
C Small: 2.76 inches; C Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
D Small: 2.76 inches; D Medium: 3.15 inches; D Big: 3.54 inches;
E Small: 2.95 inches; E Medium: 3.74 inches; E Big: 4.13 inches;
F Novice: 2.95 inches;
G Novice: 2.95 inches;
H Novice: 2.95 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 3.94 inches;
J Veteran: 4.53 inches;
K Veteran: 4.13 inches
handle: N/A 
plug: A Small Pink: 1.10 inches; A Medium Pink: 1.34 inches; A Big Pink: 1.57 inches;
B Small: 1.10 inches; B Medium: 1.34 inches; B Big: 1.57 inches;
C Small: 1.10 inches; C Medium: 1.34 inches; C Big: 1.57 inches;
D Small: 1.10 inches; D Medium: 1.34 inches; D Big: 1.57 inches;
E Small: 1.10 inches (head), 0.83 inches (ribbed neck); E Medium: 1.34 inches (head), 1.02 inches (ribbed neck); E Big: 1.50 inches (head), 1.10 inches (ribbed neck);
F Novice: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom);
G Novice: 0.63 inches (top), 0.87 inches (middle), 1.14 inches (bottom);
H Novice: 1.10 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 1.42 inches;
J Veteran: 1.14 inches;
K Veteran: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom)

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